Where He Brought Me From 5.4

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 5: Divine Intervention

5.4 Divine Intervention: To Be Or Not To Be


Jessica and Kash pulled up to the studio. She had already thought up some lyrics to the music Kash had played for her. As the limo stopped in front of Rockcity Rapland Entertainment Jessica’s heart began to race. This was it, her moment. She would finally get to be in a real studio singing her songs. The driver opened the door and Kash got out of the car but Jessica just froze.


“Are you okay?” Kash asked as he reached out his hand to her.


“Yes.” She answered as she snapped out of it. “I’m just happy.” She said as tears formed in her eyes. Kash smiled at her and grabbed her hand.


“Come on.” He said.


The studio was enormous. Jessica was in awe of all the expensive looking equipment. There were so many knobs and buttons everywhere. She felt like a kid in a candy store as her eyes darted around the room. There was something almost whimsical about room nothing seemed real.


“Hey I’m Faze One your engineer for today.” An average looking man in a jogging suit said as he shook her hand.


“Hi, I’m Jessica.” She replied.


“She wrote something for that upbeat track you sent us,” Kash said.


“Cool let me hear it.” Faze One said.


Jessica took a deep breath then began singing and snapping her fingers to keep time. Faze One looked floored as he listened intently.


When she finished he asked, “Did you write this one the way over?”


“Yes.” She replied nervously.


“Don’t look so scared.” He laughed. “That was amazing I’m shocked you wrote something that good so fast.” He added.


“Thank you.” She replied.


“Well, just let me set up the track and you can go ahead and go in the booth.” He told her.


As Jessica sat patiently in the booth waiting for Faze One to setup the track she got a text from Jennifer. The text read lunch at one at Carmon’s. Jessica shook her head and turned her phone off without replying. She started to sing her song quietly to herself.


“Okay, are you ready?” Faze One asked over the intercom.


“Yes,” Jessica replied as she nodded her head yes.


Jessica put on the headphones and the music begun to play. As she sung Kash smiled and stared in amazement. He was truly falling in love with her. He wanted to take care of her and protect her from anyone who would bring her harm including her family.


The song was finished and to Jessica’s dismay, she still had time to make it to lunch. As she came out of the booth Kash asked, “So where are we having lunch?” Jessica looked frustrated and rolled her eyes.


“Don’t do that you agreed to go and I’ll be with you.” He said.


“Carmon’s in twenty minutes.” She mumbled.


“Okay Faze One it was good seeing you but we have a lunch to get to, send me the track when it’s finished,” Kash said as he shook his hand.


“Will do.” He replied.


“Yes thank you so much,” Jessica said as she hugged Faze One.


Jessica was anxious as she and Kash walked out to the limo hand in hand. She wasn’t excited about seeing her family and dealing with their particular brand of nonsense.






Dirty Little Bitches 5.4

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 5: Fame

5.4 Fame: The Woodwork


Aaliyah was back in her office trying to figure out what to do about Jean Pierre when her dad called.


“Hey, dad,” Aaliyah said as she answered the phone.


“Hey, honey.” He replied. “Aaliyah I need to speak with Dominic immediately.” He said sternly.


“Dad you sound mad what’s wrong?” she asked.


“I have seen these pictures all over the internet with him and some other girl in bed.” He replied angrily. “Did you know about this Aaliyah?” he asked.


“Of course not!” she exclaimed. “But dad he said it was in the past and I believe him,” Aaliyah said.


“Well I don’t and I and he need to have a serious talk.” He told her.


“Yes, sir.” She replied.


“How was your first meeting?” he asked.


“It went pretty well considering all everyone could talk about was those pictures, I agreed to a feature in the magazine to discuss them.” She said.


“And what about Dominic is he going to publicly address this?” her father asked.


“Yes sir in the magazine alongside me,” Aaliyah said.


Her father sighed. “You deserve better Aaliyah let me set you up with one of my friend’s sons.” He pleaded.


“Dad I love Dominic I told you that already and you said yes when he asked for my hand in marriage.” She stated.


“That’s when I thought he had changed, he promised me he would take care of you.” He said furiously.


“Dad calm down he has changed and he does take care of me.” She replied.


“I’m on my way up I want to have lunch at your favorite place.” He said.


“Okay, see you in a minute.” She answered then they both hung up the phone.


Aaliyah needed some time away from the office she was sick of everyone staring at her. She would be so happy when those pictures were old news. Aaliyah was grabbing her purse when Bianca rushed in.


“Girl more pictures just came out,” Bianca said.


“I’m not worried about that pathetic thirsty little girl she is going to get her fifteen minutes of fame soon enough,” Aaliyah replied.


“These pictures aren’t with Sandra,” Bianca said.


“What? Then who are they with?” Aaliyah asked as she snatched Bianca’s phone out of her hand. “Who the fuck is this?” she yelled. “And this?” she asked. “Bianca there is like ten different women on here,” Aaliyah said looking confused and hurt.


“Maybe this happened when you two took that break,” Bianca said trying to comfort her.


“No, I recognize this watch he has on I got it for his birthday seven months ago,” Aaliyah said as she handed Bianca her phone.


Aaliyah shook her head and sat down on the couch in her office. “I believed him, I’m so stupid.” She said.


Bianca sat down beside her and put her arm around her. Aaliyah wanted to cry but she refused to do it while she was still in the office so she just put her down and tried to hold it together. She didn’t want to give Raquel the satisfaction of knowing she had gotten to her.


“Aaliyah.” Someone called as they opened the door to her office.


“Dad?” she replied as she turned to face him.


“Honey, what’s wrong?” he asked as he shut the door.


Aaliyah stood up, embraced her father and began to cry. He wrapped his arms around her. “What happened?” he asked Bianca. Bianca held up her phone and showed him the pictures.


“I’m going to kill him.” He said.