Not Afraid


I want the pain

I live for it

I give everything

I have to give for it


I savor it

I feel alive

Its poetry

Strawberry wine


I’m better broken

I’m wiser sad

Outside I cry

Inside I laugh


I love the drama

I always win

Live and let live

I love again


People they may wonder why

But I’m happy because I’m not afraid to cry





Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 6.1

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon

CHAPTER 6: Suspect

6.1 Suspect: Stalker


It was now time for lunch and Asia couldn’t even think about eating. Her stomach was doing flips thinking about Giovanni. Then there was still Mr. Santos who obviously knew something but Asia was afraid to ask him. What if he saw Giovanni kill Chris? He could be the proof Asia needed. Asia decided to try and eat something. She decided to take a break from worrying and enjoy lunch.


It seemed as if she would have to eat alone today since Chris was dead now and Soo Yun didn’t have lunch at the same time as her. Asia found a seat in the back corner of the lunchroom away from everyone else. Just as she was about to take a bite of her pizza Giovanni appeared out of nowhere standing over her.


“My goodness you startled me.” Asia said. “Do you have lunch right now?” she asked.


“I do now.” He said.


“Are you stalking me?” she laughed offsetting her suspicions but deep down she considered it.


Giovanni was starting to show up everywhere she was like he could sense her. Asia began to think she needed to do some research on these powers they were getting.


Giovanni sat down next to Asia and smiled. “I just came from the library.” He said.


“That’s great that you are learning how to read.” She replied.


“Very funny but I read something very interesting.” He added. “I read this Chinese myth about a guy named Longwei.” He told her.


Asia’s eyes got big and she stopped eating. “Oh really.” She said as she turned to face Giovanni.


“From the look on your face you know the story.” He said with an inquisitive look.


“Yes I may have heard some of it.” Asia replied.


Giovanni took a bite of his apple as he stared at Asia looking for any sign that she may know more than she was letting on. “Well I learned a lot, I skipped my last two classes to do research.” He said.


“Why are you so interested in this all of a sudden?” Asia demanded to know.


“Because of you.” He answered.


“Me?” Asia asked shocked and nervous that he was on to her.


“Yeah your necklace made me curious.” He said.


“Do you want to hear the story, you might learn something?” Giovanni laughed.


“Why not?” she replied sarcastically.


“Okay, Longwei was a warrior from the Han dynasty who helped the emperor Liu Bang defeat warlord Xiang Yu in the battle of Gaixia in 202 BC.” Giovanni said. ‘Xiang Yu committed suicide after the battle and his body was dismembered by soldiers who were looking to claim a reward from the emperor Liu bang.” He went on. “Now Longwei had gotten his powers before all of this happened and when he did his best friend Chin ho got powers too.” He added. “They stopped being friends after they got powers because Chin Ho wanted to use his powers for evil.” Giovanni said. “Well Xiang Yu was Chin Ho’s uncle.” He went on as he animatedly told the story.


Asia began to become more interested in the story; this was a part she had never heard before. “Why didn’t Chin Ho help in uncle in battle?” Asia asked.


“I’m getting to that.” Giovanni replied as he finished the rest of his apple. Giovanni was taking his time for dramatic effect. He saw Asia getting impatient and he started to laugh.


“Can you hurry up?” she demanded.


“I don’t’ want to choke.” He said with his mouth full.



Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 6.2




Shift 5.3


CHAPTER 5: Bloodline

5.3 Outsiders: Outnumbered


“Hey who was that?” Ahote asked as Aoki approached him.


“Some Asshole trying to talk to me.” Aoki replied.


“Are you okay?” he asked.


“Yeah I’m good I told him off.” She said with a grin. “ I don’t need you to protect me.”


“Is that so?” Ahote asked as he grabbed her by the hand and kissed her on the forehead. “Do you two want something to drink?”


“I do.” Kim replied.


Ahote led Aoki, Kim, and Dyami to the bar through the crowds of people. There were young and old people all around the club drinking and dancing. The line at the bar was long and the three bartenders seemed overwhelmed. Ahote could tell that his were getting restless waiting around for a drink.


“Why don’t you guys go out on the dance floor and I will wait for the drinks?” Ahote suggested.


“Are you sure?” Aoki asked.


“Yeah, Dyami take the girls to dance.” He replied.


“Okay.’ Dyami said.


Ahote watched as his friends went out onto the crowded dance floor. He watched as Dyami attempted to dance and he began to chuckle to himself. The line slowly began to move forward as more as more people piled into the club. Ahote was keeping one eye on the dance floor and one eye on the bar. The way Aoki moved to the rhythm of the music enticed him. He was beginning to like her even more and it made him nervous. He did not want to screw things up tonight; he wanted to make a good impression. I definitely need some liquid courage he thought as the line moved a little more.


Kim and Aoki were laughing and dancing when Ahote spotted the asshole from earlier moving towards them. He began to wonder if he should get out of line and go to her rescue but he decided that Dyami could handle it if things got out of hand. It was almost his turn to order and he had been in line for almost thirty minutes so he did not want to have to start this process all over again.


Ahote kept a close eye on Aoki as the mysterious boy walked up to her and grabbed her arm. The boy looked around about their age with blonde hair and seemed to be alone. The boy pulled Aoki close to him and wrapped his arms around her tight restricting her movements. Aoki squirmed and twisted trying to fight him off. Ahote could feel himself getting angry as he got out of line and began to push his way through the club to the dance floor. He could feel himself beginning to shift and he fought to suppress the urge. Before Ahote could reach Aoki, Dyami stepped in and pushed the boy to the ground. Then out of nowhere five more Caucasian boys surrounded them. They were looking for a fight. Little did they know they had found the right ones.


Dyami laughed, “ This isn’t what you want white boy.”


The boy got up from the ground and grinned. “As you can see you are outnumbered.” He said.


“You might want to look again.’ Ahote said as he stepped up and stood next to Dyami.






Labour Together with God (You are Creators)


You create your own destiny. You have the ability to manifest whatever you desire into existence by faith.


Psalm 82:6

say’s I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.


The problem with most of us is that we don’t truly believe. You have to have more than just fair-weather faith. You have to trust in God in the storms as well. Nowadays people give in too easy and their faith is weak. You have to learn to be patient and endure because your faith will be tested before you are rewarded.


Matthew 17:20

say’s 20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.


You must claim your victories before you see them. You must act like what you desire is already yours. You must not claim anything negative. You should only speak positivity into your life. God already said whatever you want is yours so stop asking for it and take it.


John 14:12-14

say’s 12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. 13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.


One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is what you are capable of because we often discover it after we have been beaten down. Sometimes when have only seen negative images and heard negative things it’s difficult to be positive. It’s hard to believe you are capable of more than your peers or that you can create something better than what you have seen, but its possible.


Mark 11:24

say’s 24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Matthew 7:7-8

say’s Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Faith takes imagination because if can’t imagine yourself succeeding then you never will. You cannot create what you cannot envision for creation starts with a thought.


Proverbs 23:7

say’s For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.


What is in your heart? What do you believe about yourself? Does your imagine of yourself correlate with what God says you are?


1 Corinthians 3:9

say’s For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.


You are creators.



© 2015 Aquila Taite

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 5.2

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde

Chapter 5: Deep Cover

5.2 Deep Cover: The In Crowd


Angelica forced a smile, “Thanks Candy.” Angelica was heart broken by what Candy had said and she could longer sit in the dressing room so she went back upfront to the bar. “Can I please get a shot of whiskey?” she asked Devon the bartender.


“Get it yourself.” She answered with an attitude as she wiped down the bar.


Angelica looked at Devon with contempt as she walked behind the bar and poured herself a drink. This is going to be a long day, she thought. A tall dark haired guy walked out of the office carrying a case of beer.


“Hey I’m Hansuke people call me Han, you must be Chanel?” he asked.


”Yes that’s me.” Angelica answered as she shook his hand.


“ I’m the other bartender the nice one.” He laughed.


“At one unlock the doors and made she sure every girl is on the floor.” Devon ordered Angelica.


“Okay.” Angelica replied as she gulped down her shot of whiskey and poured another. Angelica checked her phone for the time as was fifteen minutes before one.


“Chanel!” Akeno called out from a huge swinging door motioning for her to come here.


“Yes.” Angelica answered as she went to see what he wanted.


Angelica entered the huge swinging door that lead to a hallway. There were four rooms, three of which the doors where shut which she assumed where other offices and a kitchen at the end of the hallway. Angelica stepped into the room where Akeno sat with five huge men, two women and a younger smaller surrounding him.


“These are the bouncers they collect money from our customers and you collect money from them.” Akeno explained. “These are the waitresses, this is the DJ and the Chef and the Kitchen staff are in the kitchen you can go and introduce yourself.” Akeno went on.


Angelica nodded her head, “Okay, Hi everyone I’m Chanel your new manager.”


“Everyone do as she says, okay scatter, we are opening in ten.” Akeno said.


Angelica went into the kitchen to introduce herself then she walked back into the dressing room to give the girls a warning. “Five minutes, girls!” she yelled then she walked back upfront to open the doors.


The DJ started to play some music as the girls walked out onto the floor. Angelica took a seat by the front door and watched as the girls all took their place sitting in different areas of the club. All the girls look so young, she thought. She wanted make Kimura pay for what he was doing to these poor girls but she didn’t have any proof except for what her own eyes would see tonight and she knew the girls would never testify against him. Angelica was lost in her own thought when the front doors open and Kimura and Daniel walked in. Angelica smiled as Daniel spotted her.


“Carter go to the bar and let Han show you the ropes.” Kimura said. Daniel kissed Angelica on the forehead then proceeded to the bar.


“Chanel are you enjoying your first day?” Kimura asked.


“Yes sir.” She replied.


“Good.” He said as he nodded his head and smiled.


Kimura was just about to say something else when Akeno walked over and whispered in his ear, “Boss he’s here.” Angelica looked away and pretended not to hear what he had said.


“Excuse me Chanel I have some business I must attend to.” Kimura said then the followed Akeno to the office.





Rockcity Rapland 5.2

Rockcity Rapland

Chapter 5: The One

5.2 The One: Playing Nice


Angelo was sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper when Alejandro came in singing. Angelo looked at him in awe, he had never seen his cousin this happy and after todays events his behavior was unexpected. Alejandro was dancing around the kitchen as he poured himself a drink.


“What has gotten into you?” Angelo asked.


Alejandro hadn’t even noticed Angelo sitting there. “I didn’t see you there.” He laughed.


“I know you didn’t.” Angelo replied.


“Why are you so happy?” he asked.


“Camilla agreed to go on a date with me.” Alejandro answered.


“Seriously?” Angelo asked looking confused. She was just furious at him not more than thirty minutes ago saying he hated him and she shot him earlier today now she was agreeing to go on a date, he thought. “Are you sure that’s safe after all that’s happened today?” Angelo asked. “You killed her best friend and she shot you.” Angelo stated.


“I’m over that now.” Alejandro said beginning to become uneasy.


“Is she over it?” Angelo asked.


“You don’t really think she would shot me again, do you?” Alejandro asked.


“I didn’t think she would have shot you the first time.” Angelo replied as he folded up his newspaper. “Just be careful.” He added then he went upstairs.


Alejandro began to wonder if going on a date with Camilla was wise. Then he began to wonder what were her real motives for wanting to learn the business. Maybe Camilla wasn’t that nice sweet girl at all the holiday parties he had fallen in love with anymore. He knew he wasn’t the same person he was before he became boss. But if Camilla had changed in any way it was Alejandro’s fault, he had destroyed her perfect life in the matter of a week. She was his creation he created the monster that was Camilla Aquila.


Angelo softly knocked on Camilla’s door as he pushed it open. She was sitting at her vanity with a robe on combing her wet hair. “So you and my cousin are going on a date?” He asked as he walked over to her.


“Yes.” She answered not even making eye contact.


Angelo slowly ran his fingers through her hair. “Why? What are you up to?” Angelo asked with a smile.


“He apologized and I forgave him.” She replied still not looking at him.


Angelo began to become angry at Camilla’s dryness. “ He killed your parents and your best friend you were just furious with him and crying hysterically in my arms calling him a monster!” he yelled. Camilla didn’t reply she just kept combing her hair. Angelo yanked her arm and her comb fell to the floor. “I don’t want you to go.” He pleaded. “He doesn’t deserve you.” Angelo said.


Camilla just stared at him expressionless and snatched her arm away. She bent down to pick up her comb then continued to comb her hair. Angelo looked hurt he knew Camilla had finally been broken. She had changed. Angelo took a long look at her then he left her room slamming the door on his way out. As the door slammed behind Angelo Camilla let one single tear fall from her eye then she took a deep breath and wiped her face. She told herself that would be the last time she would ever cry.




I Know Your Type 5.2

I Know Your Type

Chapter 5: Revenge

5.2 RevengeBaby Mama Drama


“I wish you would!” Meredith yelled daring Dawn.


“You better lower your voice.” Dawn replied.


“And if I don’t?” Meredith asked.


Dawn took a sip of her martini and began to nod her head. “I’m going to choke this stupid bitch out and I don’t care if she is pregnant.” Dawn said looking at Dylan.


Meredith began to laugh. “I’m tired of this nonsense, Dylan this is crazy you left her years ago for me you just feel guilty now but you love me.” Meredith said.


Dawn laughed, “Left me? Is that what he told you?” dawn asked. “I left him.” She said. “Oh you think he just saw you and fell in love?” Dawn asked sarcastically. “You were one of many honey.” Dawn said. “By the time I had found out about you I was already done with him.” She went on. “She was what, number four was it?” She asked Dylan. “And trust me it did not stop at number four.” Dawn added. Meredith’s facial expression changed from one of confidence to disappointment. “Aw karma’s a bitch isn’t? But don’t look so sad because you can have him, I don’t want him.” Dawn said.


Dylan looked shocked and confused. “What?” he asked. “But dawn.” He pleaded.


“You two have gotten on my last nerve tonight so I’m going to order my food to go.” Dawn said. She gulped down the last of her martini got up from the table then went to the bar.


“You’re back.” Armando grinned.


“Yes I am.” Dawn replied.


“From the look on your face things didn’t go so well with your friends.” He said.


“No, I’m just tired I’ve had a long day.” She answered.


“Oh what do you do?” he asked.


“I’m a forensic scientist for the police department.” She said. “What about you?” she asked.


“Medical examiner, I just moved here from DC to work for the Miami PD.” He said. “So I guess we will be seeing a lot more of each other.” Armando said.


“I guess so.” Dawn replied.


“Yes ma’am.” The bartender said acknowledging Dawn.


“Yes, I want to get an order of hot wings and fries to go.” She answered.


“Yes, ma’am anything to drink?” the bartender asked.


“Let me get a sweet tea without the lemon.” She replied. As the bartender went to put in her order Dawn turned back around to face Armando.


“Sexy and smart.” He said.


Dawn smiled, “That accent, I bet you get all the girls.”


“Oh you like that?” he grinned. Armando leaned over and whispered in her ear, “El cielo debe estar volviendo loco sin su ángel más hermoso.”


Dawn smiled and whispered back, “Corny, but everything always sounds good in Spanish.”


“You speak Spanish?” he laughed. “


Yes I studied Spanish in college.” She answered.


“Beautiful, smart and bilingual I think I’m in love.” He said.


Dawn laughed and glanced back at the table where Dylan and Meredith sat, they were in what looked like a very heated conversation.


“Here’s your food ma’am.” The bartender said as he handed dawn a to-go container in a brown paper bag. Dawn handed the bartender a twenty-dollar bill. “Keep the change.” She said. “Well that’s my cue.” Dawn said as she got up from the barstool.


“See you at work.” Armando said with a smile. Dawn smiled back then took one last glance at Dylan and left.





Where He Brought Me From 5.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 5: Divine Intervention

5.2 Divine Intervention: The Right Time


“I’m trying Kash.” Jessica said. “My relationship with my family is so broken, it maybe beyond repair.” She went on. “Every time I think have forgiven these people they do something else to me that’s put me back in that place of hate.” She said. “I don’t understand why my own family has it out for me.” Jessica stated. “They have always treated me like the ugly stepchild and now that I finally feel like Cinderella they can’t even pretend to be happy for me.” She said.


Kash took Jessica by the hand and smiled, “Are you saying I’m your prince charming?”


Jessica laughed, “Yeah, so far.”


“So what happened, if you don’t mind me asking why don’t you and your family get along?” Kash asked.


Jessica sighed and put her head down to hide the tears filling up in her eyes. She began to shake head back and forth trying to fight back the tears.


“Its okay you don’t have to fight it go ahead and cry, just let it out.” Kash said. “You can tell me.” He said.


“I don’t know where to start.” She sniffled. “I guess I’ll start at age four when my parents got divorced and my mother remarried.” She said. Jessica wiped her eyes and looked at Kash. “I hated my stepfather he was mean and hateful.” Jessica said. “That man was verbally and physically abusive and my mom never said a word, he used to hit her and curse us all out especially me.” She said through clenched teeth.


“They gave my sister everything and ignored me.” Jessica said. “Then when I was fourteen my father died and things just got worse.” She went on. “They treated me so bad I had to wash dishes, iron their clothes for work and clean up the bathroom me and my sister shared while she never had to do anything.” She said.


“Then he started putting his hands on me first it was just grabbing me by the arm or putting his finger in my face then it escalated to dragging me down a hallway and choking me.” Jessica said as she shook her head. “I just wanted someone to stand up for me, I was looking for my mother to help me but she wouldn’t.” Jessica cried. “I don’t if she was scared or just didn’t care but I still hate her for that.” Jessica said.


“She still doesn’t understand how much my childhood affected me.” Jessica stated. “I was so tired of being abused and mistreated that I married the first guy that was partially nice to me.” Jessica said. “I would do anything to feel loved and he knew it, he used it against me.” She continued. “He beat me, he cheated on and he made me pay all the bills but I stayed because it was still better than home to me.” She said. “I started smoking weed and drinking just to make it through the day, I was losing my mind.” Jessica said. “I even had to check myself into a center because I was so depressed and lost.” She went on.


“Don’t worry I found you and so will God if you let him.” Kash replied as he hugged her.





Dirty Little Bitches 5.2

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 5: Fame

5.2 Fame: Media Frenzy


“If I were you I would go and fire her right now.” Bianca said.


“We don’t have any proof that she gave these photos to the media.” Aaliyah said.


“They are in her bedroom who else would have had these photos beside her and Dominic and we both know he didn’t do this.” Bianca argued. Aaliyah knew that she had grounds to fire Sandra but she also knew she couldn’t because of what Raquel had on her. “Well at least curse the bitch out.” Bianca added.


“Oh I will definitely say something to her but not in anger because I refuse to let some professional side chick make me act out of character.” Aaliyah replied.


“Oh wow now there are pictures of your engagement last night coming out.” Bianca said. “Look, they are saying what happens now is the wedding off.” She read.


Aaliyahs phone began to ring it was Dominic. “Girl this is Dominic give me a minute alone please.” Aaliyah said as she sat down. Bianca nodded her head and left the room shutting the door behind her.


“Hello.” Aaliyah answered the phone.


“I can explain.” Dominic blurted out.


“Please do because this tramp is working in my building as Raquel’s assistant.” Aaliyah said through clenched teeth.


“What?” Dominic asked. “Never mind that I love you and whatever me and that girl had going on was along time ago, I promise its over now.” He explained. “This is just some jealous female trying to break us up.” He said. “I’m so sorry Aaliyah.” He went on.


“I believe you.” Aaliyah replied. “This is something Raquel cooked up.” She said.


“What’s that girl’s deal?” he asked. “I thought you two were friends?” he questioned.


“We were, at least at I thought we were once but I guess she has always hated me.” Aaliyah replied. “I have to go I need to get ready for this meeting I’ll call you later.” She said.


“Okay.” He answered and they hung up the phone.


Aaliyah wasn’t at all fazed by what Sandra and Raquel had done. She knew she could spin this if she put her mind to it. Aaliyah picked up her office phone and called Raquel’s office.


“Yes Ms. Rojas.” Raquel answered.


“Very clever Raquel I bet you are very happy of what you have accomplished.” Aaliyah said.


“I am.” Raquel replied.


“This is the first and last warning I’m going to give you I am going to destroy everything you hold dear starting with your new assistant, she wanted her 15 minutes of fame and I’m going to make sure she gets it.” Aaliyah said. “I will leave no stone unturned in that poor girls life, I will make her the most hated woman in America.” She went on. “Then when I’m done with her I will do the same to you.” Aaliyah said then she hung up.


Raquel could tell she had crossed the line with Aaliyah to the point of no return. Aaliyah was a nice and sweet person but she had one hell of a mean streak. Raquel slowly hung up the phone and she had this faint look of fear on her face.


“There’s no turning back now.” She said to Sandra.




I Know Your Type


You are what I despise

Lips dripping lies

A big ego

Over sexually immortalized


Wanted by many

Fabulous life

I don’t know you

But I know your type


You look familiar

You all are the same

Thats why i don’t bother

To call you by name


Whispering love

To capture a heart

And when i’m in your grasp

You rip it apart


You are always wrong

But you feel so right

No I don’t know you

But I know your type


You will tell me what I want to hear

Get what you want

And then you’ll disappear


Beautiful stranger

Your intent is clear

You’ll only love me for the night


You say aren’t like other guys

Well I don’t know you

But I know your type