I Know Your Type 7.5

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Dawn never wanted to kill him she was a good girl. She was sweet, loyal and faithful but she had an uncontrollable temper. He had just set her off, she told herself it wouldn’t happen again but she knew it would because it kept happening over and over again.


The first time was an accident but then she discovered she liked to kill. She liked hearing their screams for mercy it turned her on. They wanted it, they wanted to die and she wanted to help them. She could spot them a mile away an unfaithful man begging her to end their miserable lives. She liked to see them cry and beg for forgiveness.


She wanted them to pray for it to end and she wanted to be their savior. She wanted to answer their prayers. Amen motherfucker she whispered then she lit a cigarette and walked out of the room into the hotel hallway.




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