Where He Brought Me From 8.1

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Jessica Kealoha was a 24-year-old singer-songwriter who made her living singing in nightclubs and coffee houses. She was a woman with a grudge against men, a woman scorned and she let it show it her music. Jessica couldn’t be alone so she always found herself with some loser who would end up the subject of her next song. She felt like she was destined for more but she was stuck in a downward spiral, loser after loser, deadbeat after deadbeat.


She had lost her father at the tender age of 14 to kidney failure and was left with an evil stepsister, a nonchalant mother, and a cruel stepfather. She never really learned how to love because she never truly felt any love. Her talents often went unrecognized at home and it made Jessica feel alone. Her stepfather who was often in a drunken rage about nothing constantly harassed her while her mother sat and watched aimlessly.


As soon as Jessica turned eighteen she moved to New York with her money from waiting tables in Pensacola to try and live her somewhat impossible dream. She knew impossible like a childhood friend she always never quite met the mark but little did Jessica know things were about to change.



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