I Know Your Type 8.5

Chapter 8: Ninety-Nine Problems

8.5 Ninety-Nine Problems: Goodnight

The more Dawn drank the more sadistic images popped up in her head. It was getting harder for her to play nice with Dylan. They were enthralled in the throes of passion on her black leather couch. Their warm bodies began to perspire against each other. Dylan ran his fingers through her hair as he kissed her passionately. He pinned had her pinned between him and the couch as she moaned in pleasure. Dylan ran his lips down her neck to her collarbone as she squirmed beneath him.

Dawn could tell that Dylan had drunk too much. Dylan was all instinct and no inhibition. He only had one thought on his mind and that was making love to Dawn. But all Dawn could think about was slitting his throat. With every kiss Dylan placed on Dawn’s bare skin she began to feel nauseous. Part of her loved him but the other part of her was sickened by his very presence.

She inhaled deep and long while he thrust back and forth on top of her. As his cologne filled her nostrils she was overcome with a feral lust for blood. She suppressed her lust as sweat began to drip from his brow onto her face. Dawn sunk her fingernails into his back and ran her fingertips down his hot wet skin. Dylan pushed back his dripping wet hair that was matted to his forehead and tried to catch his breath.

“Are you done?” Dawn asked.

“Yeah why aren’t you?” Dylan asked as he sat up.

“Yeah I was just asking.” She replied. “Do you want another beer?” Dawn asked as she got up from the couch.

“Sure.” Dylan said as watched Dawn walk into the kitchen. Her naked body was still wet from his sweat and her hair lay damp and lifeless on her shoulders. Dylan could not think of a reason as to why he continuously cheated on her. As he watched her in this moment she was the epitome of perfection. Dylan hated to admit it but he was falling in love with Dawn all over again and this time it was for real. It was not like when they were in college and he loved her like a horny teenager. He was a man now and he saw more in Dawn than just her appearance he saw how smart and caring she was.  

“Put on another movie.” Dawn called out from the kitchen as she grabbed a bottle of Zolpidemfrom the kitchen cabinet. Dawn took a pill from the bottle and began to grind it up in a bowl. Next she quietly put the pill bottle back into the cabinet and poured the crushed up pill into a bottle of beer. Then Dawn slowly swirled the bottle around until the pill had completely dissolved.

“Okay what do you want to watch?” Dylan asked as he put his boxers back on.

“I don’t know whatever you want to watch.” Dawn replied as she walked back into the living room holding two beers.

“Thanks.” Dylan said as he took a beer. “I could just play the movie we just watched again since we did not really watch it.” He said as he took a gulp of his beer.  

 “That’s cool.” Dawn said as she sat down and smiled seductively.

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