Rockcity Rapland 8.5

Chapter 8: Secrets and Lies

 8.5 Secrets and Lies: Trust Me

Alejandro sat down next to Camilla and took her hand. “Trust me.” He whispered in her ear.

“I do trust you its just that you don’t know my family like you think you do.” Camilla said.

“Look tomorrow after the funeral I’m going to tell everyone that we are getting married and they will have no choice but to get along like they did when your parents got married.” Alejandro said.

“What?” Camilla exclaimed. “My uncle is nothing like my grandfather he will not agree to this.” She said. “It will surprise me if he doesn’t drag me out of your house and force me to live with him.” She added.

Alejandro chuckled, “That will happen over my dead body.”

“You playing but I’m serious my uncle is no joke he will kill you and whoever stands in his way.” Camilla said.

“Your uncle just wants more power and territory.” Alejandro said.

“Yeah and he will do whatever it takes to get it.” She explained.

“He wont have to I will just give it to him.” He replied.

“Oh really and what is your uncle going to say about that?” Camilla asked.

“What can he say I’m the boss,” Alejandro laughed.

“Are you really willing to give up part of your families territory and possible cause friction between you and your uncle just to be with me?” Camilla asked.

“I would give up any and everything just to be with you.” Alejandro said as he stared intensely into Camilla eyes.

Camilla smiled and kissed Alejandro on the cheek. “Why don’t you ask me to dance boss man.” She grinned.

“May I have this dance?” Alejandro asked with a smile as he stood up and held out his hand.

Camilla put her hand in his and stood up as he pulled her close. She melted in his big strong arms as he kissed her passionately. Angelo stood across the room in the corner watching them in disgust. He balled up his fist in anger and clenched his jaw. His glare could burn a hole in them.

“Let it go.” His Uncle Geno said. “You are here to work.” He said.

“Why does he get to have fun while we have to work?” Angelo asked angrily.

“Because he’s the boss.” Geno replied.

“Only by title.”  Angelo mumbled.

“Hey this is still new to him he just needs time to adjust.” Uncle Geno said. “He needs her more than you do.” He said.

“Who Camilla?’ Angelo laughed. “I’m not thinking about her.” He said.

“Don’t lie its obvious that’s she’s the reason you and your cousin are not getting along.” Uncle Geno stated. “I mean its understandable she is cute, but you just want her he needs her.” He said.

“How is that how does he need her more than I do?” Angelo asked annoyed.

“Being the boss is a lonely job he is going to need someone he can talk to you.” Geno said. “He has to be strong in front us but with her he can be vulnerable and scared.” He added. Angelo began to chuckle. “Hey don’t laugh I know these things I been married thirty years.” Uncle Geno said.

 “Oh i believe you I just didn’t know you were so sensitive.” Angelo laughed.

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