Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 10.3

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon

CHAPTER 10: Hero’s and Villain’s

10.3 Hero’s and Villain’s: Reveal

Asia quickly calmed herself so she would not go full dragon in the hallway of her high school. She found it hard to control herself whenever Giovanni kissed her. As the kiss came to an end Giovanni released Asia from his grasp and smiled.

“You say you don’t like but then you kiss me like you do.” He said.

“I was just following instructions and acting like I like you don’t read into it.” Asia said.

“Yeah whatever come on I’ll walk you to class.” Giovanni said.

“No I think I’m going skip next period.” Asia said.

“I’ll skip with you then.” Giovanni said.

“No, please no I just need some time alone” She said frustrated. ”Remember absence makes the heart grow fonder.” She said sarcastically with a forced smile.

“Okay miss Tao I’ll see you later.” Giovanni smiled then he super sped away.

Down the hallway coming out of the teacher’s lounge was tall Filipino man. He was in awe as Giovanni super sped away. He discreetly stepped back inside the teacher’s lounge while he franticly tried to make sense of things in his mind. Then he slowly opened the door just enough to peek out and get a good look at the girl who knew the super powered boy. He stayed out of view until Asia had left the hallway. When she was gone he crept out of the room with a mischievous grin on his face. 

He knew that someone had released the essence of the dragon he could feel it. He thought that Chris and Jessica’s death looked suspicious like someone with superhuman strength had killed them. He had been in the next room when Chris fell to his death from the second story window. He had sworn that he heard three voices in that room arguing but when he got to the room there was only Mrs. Calvin and Chris on the pavement outside. He knew then that someone who attended this school had the essence. Even though he still didn’t know who had the essence he knew whom their girlfriend was now. That was the advantage he needed to finally get what was owed to him after all these years.

Asia decided she to skip next period because Giovanni was in her class. She needed some time away from his antics. She decided to go talk to Soo Yun who had the school newspaper this period. Asia peeked through the classroom window and waved to get Soo Yun’s attention. As soon as Soo Yun saw her she got up to meet her in the hallway.

“Oh my goodness I was so worried what happened this morning?” Soo Yun asked franticly.

“Giovanni got me sent to the principals and Saturday work detail.” Asia said. “He pulled my hair and I punched him in the face.” she added.

“Wow he’s really insane.” Soo Yun said.

“Oh that’s not all then he threatened to kill Jerry like he killed Chris and Jessica if I did not be his girlfriend.” Asia said.

“Okay we have got to tell someone he has admitted it now.” Soo Yun said sternly.

“We can’t.” Asia said shyly.

“What why not?” Soo Yun asked confused. “We can’t just let him get away with this!” She exclaimed.

“Soo Yun I have to tell you something.” Asia said nervously.

“Okay what is it?” Soo Yun asked.

“Don’t freak out but I have superpowers.” Asia said.

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