Where He Brought Me From 9.1

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 9: Unequally Yoked

9.1 Paparazzi: It Couple

Jessica was busy skimming through the look book when Kash’s phone started to ring. “Excuse me it’s the stylist.” He said as he got up and left the room.

“Oh wow you guys make shoes as well?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah and jewelry too.” Lyric said.

“Well I like everything I’m sure how many outfits I will need though I will have to check with Kash.” Jessica said. “But it is definitely going to be hard to pick.” She said with a smile.

Kash entered back into the room with a heavily tattooed guy around his age. The guy was wearing a fitted cap, a long sleeve plaid shirt and some distressed jeans. He strolled into the room behind Kash with confidence making a statement without saying a word. “Jessica you are not going to believe this but paparazzi are everywhere outside and there are photos of us all over the Internet.” Kash said.

“Really?” Jessica asked surprised.

“Yeah everyone is wondering who you are.” Kash replied. “The internet is saying verbatim who is the hottie with billionaire playboy Kash Torelli.” He said. “Disregard that playboy part though.” He grinned. “Oh this is Garcia Vino my stylist.” Kash introduced him. “Garcia you know Lyric and Dominique.” He said. “And this beautiful songstress is Jessica Kealoha.” He added.

“Hi.” Garcia said as he shook Jessica’s hand. “So what have you picked out so far?” he asked.

“Everything.” Jessica laughed. “I didn’t know how many outfits I would need.” Jessica said as she looked at Kash.

“No its cool get everything.” Kash said as face was buried down in his phone. “Just let Garcia look things over and approve the colors, jewelry and shoes.” He said distracted.

“Really okay.” Jessica said excitedly.

“I’m sorry excuse me I have to go call PR the internet is going crazy over you right now we need to release a statement or something.” Kash said then left the room.

“Duty calls.” Garcia laughed as he sat down next to Jessica. “Okay let me what you got.” He said with a smile as he reached for the look book. Garcia began to flip through the book and nod his head. He did not say one word until he was finished looking through the entire book. “I like it but we are going to have to change the colors I was thinking red and gold I think it will really pop in the rainforest’s of Thailand.” He said as he handed Dominique the look book.

“Okay we can handle that.” Dominique said.

“Thank you guys it was nice meeting you.” Jessica said as she stood up to leave.

“Yeah thanks you two always make my work easy.” Garcia grinned. Garcia grabbed Jessica’s arm as she started to walk out the room. “Wait you might want to prepare yourself for what you are about to see.” He said.

“Is it that many people?” Jessica asked nervously.

 “Yeah.” Garcia nodded and laughed. “You better get used to it you are dating New York’s most eligible bachelor well he was.” He grinned. Jessica stood frozen like a deer in headlights. “Don’t panic just take a deep breath and get behind me.” Garcia told her.

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