Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 9.1

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Rockcity Rapland 9.1

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I Know Your Type 9.1

Chapter 9: Ninety-Nine Problems

9.1 Unsuspecting Victim: Late Night Creep

Dawn picked up her clothes from the floor and began to get dressed. “Who said you could get dressed?” Dylan asked.

“The temperature its cold in here.” She replied.

Dawn finished getting dressed and watched intensely as Dylan drank his beer patiently waiting for the moment he would finish it then pass out. “Why do you keep staring at me?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know you just look so sexy right now.” Dawn smiled.

“Well stop it’s making me uncomfortable and you are missing the movie.” He said with a grin as he started to blush. “Man I’m starting to get sleepy all of a sudden.” Dylan said.

“We can go upstairs and get in the bed if you want.” Dawn suggested. 

“Yeah lets do that.” Dylan said as he stood up. “Whoa I think I may have drank too much.’ He said as he struggled to stand up straight.

“Don’t worry I got you.” Dawn said as she put his arm around her shoulder to help him keep his balance. “Just lean on me.” She whispered as she helped him up the stairs and to the bedroom.

“I didn’t even think that I drank that much.” Dylan said as Dawn put him in the bed.

“You have always been a lightweight.” Dawn laughed as she helped him get underneath the covers.

As soon as Dylan was snug underneath the covers he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Dawn lie next to him watching the way his chest moved up and down when he breathed. She slowly ran her fingers through his hair as she kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight.” She whispered with a mischievous smirk as she got out of bed.

Dawn took off all her clothes and went into the bathroom to shower. She knew Dylan would be out for hours after what she had slipped into his drink. All she needed was a few hours out on the town to satisfy her desires and then she would be fine. All she wanted was to feel blood against her skin and to hear someone scream for mercy. As the warm water engulfed her naked body she started to fantasize about what she would do when she found her unsuspecting victim.

She closed her eyes and envisioned tying him up to the bed then making a vertical incision cutting him from his neck to his navel. She could almost smell metallic undertones of blood as it dripped all over the sheets in her imagination. Dawn’s mind was a dark evil place where she could do whatever she wanted without prejudice but it was never enough. She needed to act out her fantasies in real life. As she stepped out of the shower dripping wet she was transformed into an entity that had no emotions just a self proclaimed purpose to kill.

Dylan lay sleeping soundly in her bed, as she got dressed into a tight short red dress. She listened to him snore as she applied her blood red lipstick and curled her hair. She watched him toss and turn as she slipped on her gold stilettos. Then she crept down the stairs and out the front door.