Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 10.4

CHAPTER 10: Hero’s and Villain’s

10.4 Hero’s and Villain’s: Reaction

“You have what?” Soo Yun asked confused.

“I have superpowers.” Asia said slowly.

“Look this is no time to be playing Giovanni is crazy.” Soo Yun said.

“I’m not playing I have superpowers and so does Giovanni that’s why we can’t go to the cops.” Asia explained.

“Asia are you okay?” Soo Yun asked concerned.

“I’m fine I’m not crazy!” Asia exclaimed. “What I’m saying is true and I can prove it to you.” She said.

“Okay calm down lets say I do believe you how did you and Giovanni get these so called powers?” Soo Yun asked.

“It was that potion or whatever that was I drank from my medallion.” Asia said. “The story we read in English about Longwei is true when I drank that potion Giovanni got powers too.” Asia went on. “You still don’t look like you believe me.” Asia said.

“Because this sounds insane!” Soo Yun exclaimed.

“Follow me I can prove it to you.” Asia said as she grabbed Soo Yun’s wrist and pulled her into a bathroom down the hall.

“Look whatever is wrong with you and Giovanni I’m sure we can get you two some help.” Soo Yun said as they entered the bathroom.

“Just be quiet and look.” Asia said annoyed as she dropped her bags on the bathroom floor. Asia began to check the bathroom stalls to make sure she and Soo Yun were alone. Asia lifted her hands and began to focus. She was trying desperately to produce her powers and prove Soo Yun wrong.

“Nothing is happening.” Soo Yun said sarcastically.

“Just wait!” Asia yelled as her eyes turned red and her hands burst into flames.

“What the fuck?” Soo Yun screamed startled as she backed up against the wall.

“See I told you!” Asia exclaimed.

“Oh my goodness this is crazy, I must be dreaming.” Soo Yun mumbled.

“You are not dreaming this is real and Giovanni is a homicidal maniac with superpowers.” Asia said as she grabbed Soo Yun by her shoulders.

“What are we going to do?” Soo Yun asked as she snapped out of her initial shock.

“I don’t know I can’t beat him.” Asia sighed. “I guess I will just be his girlfriend like he’s asked so I can at least keep an eye on him.” She said.

“We can’t just let him get away with murdering two of our classmates.” Soo Yun said. “Maybe there is something in the folklore that says how we can defeat him.” She said. “I mean I don’t have superpowers and I can’t just wait around to be his next victim.” She added nervously.

“I think you are right there maybe a way to defeat him.” Asia said. “Before I found out Giovanni had powers he was telling me that he did some research on Longwei and found some information that wasn’t in our history book.” She said.

“Okay I’m on it if there is some information to find I will find it.” Soo Yun said.

 “Cool let’s meet at my house after school I think my aunt can be of some help.” Asia said. “Well I better get to class I have gotten into trouble for today.” She said as they walked out of the bathroom into the empty hallway.