Dirty Little Bitches 9.2

Dirty Little Bitches

Chapter 9: The Break Up

9.2 Lovely Entanglement: Two Wrongs

“We talked over an hour ago why aren’t you dressed yet?” Dominic asked as he walked inside Sandra’s apartment.

“I couldn’t decide what to wear I was thinking that maybe you could help me out.” Sandra laughed. “Have a seat can I get you anything to drink?” she asked.

“Sure why not.” Dominic replied nervously.

“I got vodka and tequila.” Sandra said.

“Tequila is fine.” Dominic said. “So how long do you think its going to take you to get dressed?” he asked.

“I got it down to two outfits I just need your opinion then we can go.” Sandra said.

Sandra walked seductively out of the kitchen carrying two drinks. “Here you go.” She said as she handed Dominic a tall glass of tequila.

“That’s a huge glass I do have to drive.” Dominic said as he took the glass and sat it down on the coffee table.

Sandra giggled as she sat down beside Dominic on the couch. She took a huge gulp of tequila and began to run her fingers through his hair. “I missed you.” She said softly as she sat her glass down on the coffee table and climbed onto Dominic’s lap.

“What are you doing?” Dominic asked confused.

“Welcoming you back.” Sandra said as she nibbled on his earlobe.

Dominic grabbed Sandra by the shoulders and pushed her away. “I’m not back.” He said sternly. “Sandra me and you are just friends I told you that.” He said annoyed.

“Come on Dominic don’t like you didn’t miss me.” Sandra said as she kissed Dominic passionately.

Dominic pushed Sandra from his lap and onto the couch. “As much as I would love to take advantage of this moment right now I don’t want you to get the wrong impression about us, I don’t have those kind of feelings for you.” Dominic said as he jumped up from the couch and began to pace.

“So I was just sex to you?” Sandra asked coyly as she stood up and dropped her robe revealing her lace intimates.

“It’s not like that I think you are a cool person but I’m just not the relationship type.” He stammered trying to explain himself as heart began to beat faster.

“What about Aaliyah?” Sandra asked angrily as she got in Dominic’s face.

“That’s different.” He replied.

“Different.” She said angrily as she nodded her head and began to cry. “What’s so different about her?” she yelled. “What does she have that I don’t?” she screamed.

“Sandra please stop lets not go down that road you are only going to get your feelings hurt.” Dominic pleaded.

“Oh my goodness I cant believe that I ever liked you.” Sandra cried. “You are such a fucking asshole!” she yelled.

“Okay well I think I should leave.” Dominic said as he headed for the door.

“No wait!” Sandra called out.

“What?” Dominic asked frustrated as he turned around.

“Can we make love one last time, I think you owe me that much?” She asked in tears.

“But I don’t love you Sandra.” Dominic said as he opened the door and left.

As Dominic walked down the hallway to the elevator he had a epiphany. He really was ready to settle down with Aaliyah and leave his old life behind. Dominic loved Aaliyah and he made it up in his mind that from now on he would show her and be a better man.

Where He Brought Me From 9.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 9: Unequally Yoked

9.2 Paparazzi: Lights, Camera, Action

Jessica shakily took a deep breath and followed Garcia to the front room of the store. As Jessica stepped out of the back room she was amazed by what she saw. There were tons of people with cameras up against the windows of the store taking pictures. Kash stood in between two racks of clothes talking on the phone like nothing was happening. “You ready to go?” he asked as he spotted Jessica.

“This is crazy.” Jessica replied in shock.

“I’m going to have to agree with Jessica I have never this amount of paparazzi for one person.” Garcia said.

“Yeah I know its great right?” Kash grinned as he looked out the window to the frenzied photographers. “This is only the beginning so you better get use to this and quickly.” He said as he took Jessica’s hand.

“Does a person ever get use to this?” Jessica asked.

“No not really they just good at faking it.” Kash said with a smile.

“I’m going to go out the back I’ll see you two at the next shop after lunch.” Garcia said.

“Okay bye.” Kash said and Jessica waved goodbye as Garcia headed to the back room of the store.

“Okay when we go out there just smile and wave, I will do all the talking.” Kash said to Jessica.

“What will you say?” Jessica asked nervously.

“Well the label has already made a statement saying you are our new artist and they are pushing an early release for the song you recorded, it will probably be on the radio later on today.” Kash replied. “I’m just going to introduce you as my girlfriend.” He added.

“Wow this all moving so fast.” Jessica said. “Does stuff usually happen this quick?” she asked overwhelmed.

“It’s not typical but for some yes.” Kash said. “Look don’t be afraid this is good.” Kash assured her.

“Its just that I know this has nothing to do with my talent all this media attention is about you and the new chick on your arm.” Jessica sighed.

“That’s why we are moving so quickly to get your single out, I want people to know that you are not just some trophy I want them to see how talented you are.” Kash said. “I know all the cameras are about me but this your fifteen minutes and what you do with them will decide the rest of your life.” He said. “So stop being shy, take a deep breath, smile and act like you belong here.” He added.

Jessica took a long deep breath, put on her shades and tightened her grip on Kash’s hand. “Okay I’m ready.” She said.

Kash smiled at Jessica and they walked out of the store into the crowd of people. “Kash!” people yelled from the crowd. “Is this your girlfriend?” Someone screamed. “How long have you two been dating?” another person asked.

 “Calm down everyone!” Kash yelled as Jessica stood next him smiling and posing confidently for the cameras. “I’m going to answer all of your questions.” He said. “Yes this is my girlfriend and she also a talented rapper and singer who I just signed to a record deal her single will be out later on today.” He told the crowd. “Now excuse us we are late for lunch.” He added with a smile as he and Jessica got into their car.