I Know Your Type 9.2

Chapter 9: Ninety-Nine Problems

9.2 Unsuspecting Victim: Sweet Emotion

Dawn got into the drivers seat of her black Range Rover then shut and locked her door. She nervously looked around the parking lot as she slowly unlocked her glove compartment. Dawn took out a black leather wallet filled with several fakes ID’s and picked one from the bunch. “I guess I’ll be Chantal Riverton tonight.” She said with a mischievous grin as she put the wallet back into the glove compartment. Dawn took out a pair of green colored contacts from her center console and put them on. She was pleased as she stared at herself in the rearview mirror.

“Okay Chantal lets do this.” She said as she put her key in the ignition and started up her car.

Dawn lived for the moments when she could dress to kill. She loved the art of seduction. She appreciated the well-calculated moves it took to seduce a man and get him to leave the club with you. Dawn felt like an actress when met a victim and revenge was her motivation. She divulged herself into each character she played. Each character’s backstory was extensive and detail.

Chantal Riverton was an aspiring actress and waitress men loved those types. They loved a woman that was in need and struggling because she had lower standards. She could be talked into doing almost anything for money if she was hungry enough and Dawn was insatiable.

She amazed herself at how well she played the damsel in distress that would do anything for the right man with the right amount of funds. It was almost criminal how well she played on each man emotions it was really a talent she had. You had to be able to see what each man desired and be that. Some men wanted a hoe and a one-night stands others wanted a loving, caring break from responsibility and their nagging wives. Dawn was what whatever she needed to be until she wasn’t and when she wasn’t she was dangerous.

Dawn pulled into the parking a lot of club Vibe and parked in the rear. She checked her make up in her visor mirror and reapplied her lipstick. When she was satisfied with her appearance she closed her visor and got out of the car. From the moment her stilettos hit the pavement Dawn was on go. She was no longer Dawn Malawi forensic scientist she was Chantal Riverton sultry actress.

Dawn twisted her hips with vigor as she treated the parking lot like a runway. Her attention was focused on the entrance to the club as men hooted and hollered at her. Dawn would only pay attention to one man the entire night and that man had to fit her criteria, taken and trifling. Dawn sashayed passed the line of people outside the club and right up too the door man and handed him her ID.

“You good.” He smiled without even looking at her ID as he lifted the velvet rope.

“Thank you.” Dawn said with a seductive smile as she went into the club.

As Dawn made her way to the bar she began to attract onlookers and catcalls. Dawn ignored the unwanted and unappreciated advances as she took a seat at the bar. “Can I buy you drink” A deep manly voice asked.

Dawn turned to her left to see a handsome, dark haired man in a very expensive suit and wedding ring on his finger. “Yes if its okay with your wife.” She said as she smiled at him.

“Oh this.” He laughed nervously gesturing to his ring. “I’m divorced I just don’t have the heart to take it off just yet.” He said.

 “Is that so?” Dawn grinned.

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