Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 11.1

CHAPTER 11: Hero’s and Villain’s

11.1 Hero’s and Villain’s: Revelation

“Okay be careful.” Soo Yun said as she went back into her classroom.

Asia did not want to be Giovanni’s girlfriend but she knew he was harmless as long as she was with him. She didn’t believe that Giovanni would have murdered anyone if he did not have superpowers. Asia believed that the powers had somehow corrupted Giovanni just like they did Chin Ho hundreds of years ago. But she also felt that having a plan B was important just in case he started to act up again.

Asia was only a few minutes late for her third period math class. She quietly entered the classroom and sat in the only open seat right next to Giovanni. “Where were you?” Giovanni asked.

“Minding my business.” Asia said as she took out her math book. “Where are we?” she whispered.

“Oh now you want to talk.” Giovanni grinned.

“No I just want to know where the teacher is in the math book.” Asia whispered angrily. “And how come in every class we have together I always end up sitting next to you?” she asked annoyed.

“Because I told everyone my girlfriend has to sit next to me.” Giovanni said with a smile. “Now stop with the attitude and act like you like me.” He said with a smile.

“I don’t like you though.” Asia said sarcastically with a fake smile on her face.

“You agreed to be my girlfriend and act like you like me.” Giovanni whispered angrily.

“Yeah I did but why don’t you try being more likeable and help me out a little.” She replied.

“Giovanni and Asia pay attention!” The teacher yelled.

“Yes Mr. Santos.” They answered in unison.

“Okay I’ll do what ever you want.” Giovanni whispered to Asia. “Just stop being so mean to me.” He pleaded.

Asia looked over at Giovanni and he seemed truly hurt by her attitude towards him. As she looked into his eyes she began to see how much he really liked her and it made her feel bad for hurting his feelings. “Okay.” She replied calmly.

“We are on page twenty eight.” Giovanni said sadly as he started to listen to the teacher.

“Thanks.” Asia said sweetly as she turned to page twenty-eight. “Hey Giovanni if all this had not happened would you still like me?” Asia asked shyly.

“I don’t know but now that I do I cant imagine not liking you.” He replied.

Asia smiled and started to blush as she lowered her head back into her math book. “Okay everyone workout the even numbered problems on page twenty-eight and if you have any questions you should have been paying attention.” Mr. Santos said looking in Giovanni and Asia’s direction. Giovanni began to laugh out loud challenging Mr. Santos authority. “What’s so funny Mr. Yu please share it with the class?” Mr. Santos asked angrily.

“Oh nothing just laughing at you.” Giovanni grinned.

“Did I do something to amuse you?” Mr. Santos asked annoyed.

“No its just you.” Giovanni replied. “You are a joke.” He said sternly.

“Giovanni.” Asia whispered through clenched teeth trying to calm him down.

Mr. Santos began to chuckle. “Is that so?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Giovanni said.

 “That goes to show you class that money does not buy you common sense.” Mr. Santos said. “Obviously Mr. Yu doesn’t watch the news or otherwise he would be paying attention in my class instead of flirting with Mrs. Tao so he can support himself when his father is undoubtedly hauled off to jail for his unsavory business practices.” He added cockily. Giovanni jumped up angrily from his desk, he started to growl and show his fangs startling Mr. Santos. Asia grabbed his arm and pulled him back into his seat before anyone else could see his fangs protruding from his mouth but Mr. Santos had already gotten a good look. “Giovanni go to the principals office.” Mr. Santos stammered nervously.