About the Author


Aquila Taite was born in 1987 in small Florida city called Pensacola to a Humphrey and Linda Taite. She began writing short stories and poetry at the mere age of seven years old. By the time she had reached the age of 16 she had graduated to writing songs singing many of those songs in her church choir. Since then she has written many poems and speeches for funerals, weddings and special occasions. She has also lent her special skills to many webpages and blogs for  small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals looking to further their brand or web presence.


“The reason I have always loved the art of writing is because of the way storiesunfold imaginatively in the readers mind and affects their emotions. When I was a kid I loved to get lost in a novel. They took me to a more exciting place than my reality. As a child I can remember wanting to be able to touch people’s heart with my writing like so many authors did to me. As an adult I still strive to do that.” Aquila Taite