Dirty Little Bitches 10.2

Chapter 10: The Make Up

10.2 The Make Up: Home

Aaliyah was almost to her father’s house and Dominic still had not called. A part of her wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but the other part of her wanted him to fight for her. She knew that she had betrayed him by sleeping with Jean Pierre again after they had made up and gotten back together but she expected him to understand her dilemma. Aaliyah and Dominic never did see eye-to-eye on anything but they did love each other. But now Aaliyah was beginning to wonder if that love had died somewhere in between work and infidelity.

Maybe there is nothing to talk about maybe we are done and that’s why he has not called, she thought. Not that Aaliyah would blame Dominic for never speaking to her again she just wanted the same forgiveness she had shown to him in return. Maybe I don’t even want to be Dominic, she thought as she gazed out the window. Maybe I just want revenge and retribution for what he has done to me in the past, Aaliyah thought as the limo pulled up to her father’s house.

Aaliyah waited patiently in the backseat as the driver came around and opened her door. “Thank you.” She said as he helped her out of the car. The driver shut the limousine door and then he held out his arm for Aaliyah to hold onto. Aaliyah grabbed the drivers arm and lead up the stairs of her father’s Hampton mansion to the front door.

“Should I be pick you from here for work in the morning?” The driver asked as he rang the doorbell.

“No I’m going to take sometime off.” Aaliyah replied.

 “Yes ma’am, have a good night.” The driver said as he nodded his head and headed back to the limo.

“So tell me I have to kill somebody?” Aaliyah’s father asked jokingly as he opened the door.

“I don’t know I’m still deciding.” Aaliyah replied as she walked into the house.

“Well I got the hot chocolate on stove so lets go in the kitchen and you can tell me all about it.” He said as he led her into kitchen. “At least you look pretty.” He said as he began to pour hot chocolate from a pot into two mugs.

“You are my dad you have to say that.” Aaliyah laughed.

“No I’m being honest you do look like your dad.” He grinned. “How many marshmallows do you want?” he asked.

“As many that will fit in the cup.” She said.

Her father smiled as he began to pile marshmallows in Aaliyah’s mug. “Just like when you were a little girl.” Aaliyah’s father said as he brought the hot chocolate over to the table where Aaliyah sat looking sad. “Okay what’s wrong?’ he asked as he sat down.

Aaliyah sighed as she grabbed her mug and started to stir the piping hot chocolate. “Dominic and Jean Pierre got into a fight at the opening and we were all put out of the club.” She said while looking down at her mug. “I can’t choose between them.” She said as she looked up at her father.

“I did know that they were in competition.” Her father said confused. “I thought you were over that punk.” He said.

“I’m not.” She said then she started to cry.

Where He Brought Me From 10.2

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 10: Family Matters

10.2 Family Matters: Wish You Were Here

“Yeah I’m starving but I thought you may be too embarrassed to stay here and eat.” Kash said.

“I’m used to them acting a fool in public and besides nothing spoils my appetite.” Jessica said. “I’m just sorry you had to witness this.” She added.

“No don’t be sorry, you warned me but I was trying to be superman and save everybody.” He replied.

“So we are done with that now then?” she asked jokingly.

“Yeah I’m done trying to fix you and your families relationship.” He said.

“You know even though I’m used to their antics I’m still shocked every time my mother chooses that man over me.” She said sadly. “I mean even after all that she still chose him.” She said confused. “What the fuck does that man have to do before she says that is enough and leave him?” Jessica asked angrily. “I just don’t understand how someone could let another person treat them and their children that way.” She said. “She is raising women, how is this a good example of love for us?” She asked.

“Its not but at least you know that.” He replied. “Hey I know you love your mother but her relationship with your stepfather is not your problem anymore.” Kash said. “You are not in their house anymore so if she likes how she is being treated then you have to mind your own business.” He said.

 “I will not have him disrespect my mother and act a fool in my presence.” Jessica said sternly.

“And that is your right.” He said. “I totally agree with you I wouldn’t let anymore disrespect my parents in my presence either and I would make that clear if I were you.” He said.

“So I should tell them what, if you don’t act right don’t come around me?” She asked.

“Yes.” Kash said. “I would say that exactly.” He said. “You don’t have to be bothered by people who are going to act a fool everywhere you try to take them.” He added.

“I know but I’m going to feel guilty if I do that.” Jessica said.

“For what?” he asked. “You tried to make up with them.” He explained. “They begged you to have lunch them then they insulted you and embarrassed you.” He said. “In my opinion you have done more than your part the ball is in their court now.” He added.

“Yeah I guess you are right I’m tired of being the bigger person only to have it thrown in my face.” she said.

“Where is our food?” Kash asked as he looked around the restaurant. “Does that look like our order that waitress is carrying?” he asked.

“Oh man we forget to cancel my family’s order.” Jessica said. 

“Don’t worry I will eat it.” Kash said as the waitress stopped at their table.

“Did the rest of your guests leave?” the waitress asked.

“Yes.” Jessica replied. “But we are going to eat their food.” She said with a smile.

“Oh okay.” The waitress said relieved as she began to place the plates on the table. “Can I get you guys anything else?” She asked.

“No I think we are good, thank you.” Kash said.

“So what about the trip you planned for me and my family?” Jessica asked as she took a bit of her crepe.

“We will just go.” Kash replied. “Then we will send them a postcard saying wish you were here.” He said with a smile.

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 12.1

CHAPTER 12: Malicious Intent

12.1 Malicious Intent: Bigger Issues

Asia hadn’t seen Giovanni since Mr. Santos’ class and she was dying to tell him how weird their teacher had been acting. So when she spotted him in lunchroom she excited for the very first time to see him. Giovanni was standing in the lunch line talking to his fellow football teammates when Asia walked over to him.

“Excuse me guys I need to borrow Giovanni for a second.” Asia said as she grabbed his arm and pulled him out of line. “I’m so glad I found you we need to talk.” She said.

“Okay let me get some food first.” He said. “Do you want anything?” he asked.

“Yeah get me two slices of pizza.’ Asia said. “I’m going to go find us a seat.” She said as she walked away.

“Okay.” He replied as he stepped back into line.

Asia took a deep breath as her mind began to wander. She thought that there was a strong possibility that Mr. Santos wasn’t who he said he was. There was the way he fled the building when was killed, then how he acted in class with Giovanni and how he acted when he saw her medallion. Asia didn’t want to say it but it seemed as if Mr. Santos was one of the descendants of Chin Ho that her aunt had warned her about.

Asia knew that Mr. Santos had seen Giovanni fangs and he didn’t even flinch he almost seemed excited when he saw them. She didn’t want to jump to conclusions even though all signs were pointing to crazy ancient artifact poacher so she decided to see what Giovanni thought first. She found an empty table in the middle of the lunchroom and sat down. As she waited on Giovanni to come over she nervously looked around the room trying to make sure Mr. santos wasn’t lurking behind trash cans or students.

“Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise?” Giovanni said as he walked over and sat down. “You looking for me instead of the other way around.” He smiled. “I got you a slice of pepperoni and sausage since you didn’t specify what you wanted.” He said as he handed Asia her food.

“Thanks.” She said.

“So what’s up?” he asked. “I know it must be serious if you came looking for me.” He said as he took a bite of his pizza.

“It is well at least at think it could be.” She said nervously. “Does Mr. Santos seem weird to you?” she asked.

“The man is a fucking asshole and now that you mention I did think it was odd that he requested a home visit to meet with my father after I caused one disturbance in his class.” He replied angrily. “Then when I told the principal that I wanted to get out of Mr. Santos class Mr. Santos asked me if I was sure that I wanted to leave you in his class all alone.” He said. “The dude is fucking insane.” He added.

“Okay well that makes what I’m about to say more plausible.” Asia said.

“What?” Giovanni asked confused as he stopped eating.

 “I think Mr. Santos knows about the medallion and the essence of the dragon, I think he saw you use your powers and I also think that he may be a descendant of Chin ho.” Asia replied quietly.

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 10.1

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Rockcity Rapland 10.1

Chapter 10: The Black Mafia

10.1 The Black Mafia: Retribution

“Tyrek you and your brothers go get our things from the car.” Humphrey said.

“Excuse me uncle Hump can I talk to you for a minute?” Camilla asked nervously as she pulled her uncle to the side.

“Of course, what’s up?” he asked as he followed her to the corner of the room.

“What are you doing?” Camilla asked confused.

“What do you mean?” Humphrey asked innocently.

“You know what I mean, I have barely seen you or talked to you in years except for once a year at Christmas and now you are all concerned about me.” She said sternly.

“Well your parents, my sister and brother in law just died so I just thought I would be a good uncle and come check on you.” He replied.

“Don’t even try it you hate my father and you weren’t to fond of my mother for marrying him.” She said.

“Regardless of what bad life choices she made she was still my sister.” He said.

“Look I don’t doubt that you loved my mother but I know you aren’t all that broken up about her death and I know you didn’t come here in the middle of the night just to check on me.” Camilla whispered angrily. “So stop with the act and tell me what’s up.” She said.

“Okay.” He sighed. “You are feisty just like your mother.” he grinned. “The truth is the family saw Alejandro on that society pages blog being inducted into the Union Social Club and we want in.” he said. “The Bastenelli’s have been blocking our expansion for years and now they are going international while we are still fighting for more territory in here in Jersey.” He added.

“So what were you going to do just come here in the middle of the night and just take what you feel you deserve?” she asked.

“Something like that.” He grinned.

“That’s a horrible plan.” Camilla said. “Besides Alejandro wants to share.” She said.

“Oh really and why would he want to do that?” Humphrey asked sternly.

“Because we are getting married.” She said.

“Over my dead body.” he said angrily. “You are still in high school and these assholes have already ruined your mothers life.” He said.

“Lower your voice his family doesn’t know yet.” She whispered through clenched teeth.

“Why would you do this?” he asked confused.

“Look I need you to trust me right now.” Camilla said as she looked into her uncle’s eyes. “I know what I’m doing.” She said.

“What aren’t you telling me?” Humphrey asked as he grabbed Camilla by the arm. “What really happened to my sister because I know that story on the news was completely bogus?” he demanded. “Did they kill your parents?” he asked angrily. “Is he forcing you to marry him?” Humphrey asked.

 “No to all of that.” Camilla said annoyed. “Look me and you want the same thing, to finally get what we deserve and I’m going to get that and so much more.” She said.

I Know Your Type 10.1

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Dirty Little Bitches 10.1

Chapter 10: The Make Up

10.1 The Make Up: Him Or Me?

Dominic and Jean Pierre stood outside of the club at opposite ends of the sidewalk both breathing heavily while Aaliyah stood in between them not saying a word. “Aaliyah what are you doing?” Dominic asked confused. “Come on lets go.” He demanded.

“Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to go with you?” Jean Pierre asked. “Come on you can stay at the hotel with me tonight.” He said as he moved towards her.

“No stop!” she exclaimed. “I’m noting going anywhere with either of you.” She yelled. “You two wanted me to choose well I have and I chose me, I’m going to go stay at my father’s house tonight.” She said. “Jean Pierre I’m confident that you can catch a cab back to your hotel.” She added as she got in her limo.

Jean Pierre and Dominic watched in awe as the limo drove away while Aaliyah sat in the backseat crying. “Where to ma’am?” the driver asked.

“Take me to my father’s house.” She said as she began to dial her father’s number.  As the phone started to ring she tried to pull herself together enough to get a word out.

“Hello?” her father said as he answered the phone.

“Hey dad are you still up?” she asked.

“Yes, what’s wrong sweetheart?” her father asked concerned.

“Nothing I just wanted to come home and sleep in my old bed.” She said.

“Okay come on then, I’ll start the hot cocoa and the karate movies.” He said.

“Okay see you in a minute.” Aaliyah said as she hung up the phone and burst into tears.

She was so confused. She didn’t know who she wanted to be with all she knew was that she loved them both. Aaliyah had weighed the pros and cons of each relationship in her head over and over again. On paper Jean Pierre was the better choice but Dominic held a special place in her heart. She was stuck between what she wanted and what she deserved. She didn’t want to pick Dominic for him only to cheat her on a few weeks later. But she also knew that if she picked Jean Pierre she would only wish that she had picked Dominic instead.

Aaliyah was bawling in the backseat of the limo when her phone rang. “Wow he even calls first.” She said as she looked at her phone. “Hello?” she said as she answered the phone.

“Hey I just want apologize for my behavior earlier I should not have let Dominic get to me.” Jean Pierre said.

“Its cool.” Aaliyah said.

“Um look I’m not trying to pressure you or anything but I would like it if maybe we could have breakfast in the morning?” he asked. “I only have a few days left here and I want to spend some time with you no matter who you choose.” He said.

“I don’t know.” Aalyah replied nervously.

“Aaliyah you are more than just a lover to me you are a friend and even if you don’t want to be with me romantically I don’t want to lose you in my life.” He pleaded. “We stay in my room and order room service where no one will see us.” He added.

“Um okay.” Aaliyah sighed. “But we will have breakfast at my father’s house, I will text you address and time.” She said.

“Okay, thank you.” Jean Pierre said as he hung up the phone.

Aaliyah sighed as she hung up the phone and started to shake her head. “He’s perfect what the fuck is wrong with you?” she asked herself angrily.

Where He Brought Me From 10.1

Where He Brought Me From

Chapter 10: Family Matters

10.1 Family Matters: Fed up

“Okay everyone just calm down.” Kash said.

“No because this bitch got me fucked up.” Carter exclaimed while pointing at Jessica.

“Hey watch your mouth.” Kash said sternly as he stood up. “You know what you are right you should probably just leave before you piss me off.” He said angrily.

“I’m leaving so if you are riding with me you better come on!” Carter yelled as he headed for the door.

“If you leave with this asshole don’t come back.” Jessica said as she looked at her mother with tears in her eyes.

Justine sighed and shook her head as she stood up from the table. “I’m sorry.” She said.

“Next time you are sitting around wondering why we don’t have relationship remember this moment because this is the last of the numerous times you have chosen someone else over me.” Jessica said.

“He’s my husband.” Justine said.

“I’m your child!” Jessica yelled. “You were supposed to look out for me and protect me.” She said. “He always came first even when he was wrong and you didn’t give a damn who got hurt as long as you could brag about having man.” She said angrily. “Well you got him.” Jessica laughed as she shook her head. “Go ahead leave so he can curse you out in the car.” She added.

Justine hung her head as she followed her husband out of the restaurant. “Jessica stop it.” Jennifer demanded.

Jessica began to laugh, ”Bitch you go too before I give you that beat down I owe you.”

“Jessica calm down.” Kash said as he sat back down and grabbed her hand.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Jennifer asked angrily. “Is this how you treat your family just because they wanted to visit you?” she asked.

“Lets be real here you been throwing shade since you got here.” Jessica said. “You aren’t happy for me you just came around to hate.” She said. “And the only reason our mother is here is because she wants to beg for money.” She added.

“Well I guess you know everything.” Jennifer said. “You aren’t perfect you know.” She said.

“Yeah I know you all never let me forget it either.” Jessica said. “You never supported anything I did, you always had something negative to say.” She said. “You are a hater just admit it!” she exclaimed. “You people have been jealous of me before I even had anything to be jealous of.” She added annoyed.

“That’s how you see it.” Jennifer said.

“That’s how it is.” Jessica said.

“When we were kids you got all of the attention everyone praised your talents.” Jennifer said.

“Everyone except the people I was trying to impress, my family.” Jessica said.

“What did you need us for everyone else already loved you wasn’t that enough?” Jennifer asked frustrated.

“Do you hear how fucking stupid that sounds?” Jessica asked confused. “Jennifer just leave.” She said.

Jennifer shook her head as she stood up from the table. “Everything doesn’t always have to be about you.” She said as she left.

“Oh my goodness!” Jessica exclaimed. “Am I crazy because I feel like she just basically confirmed what I have been saying all these years?” she asked.

“That was ridiculous.” Kash said. “Its like she blames you for being talented.” He said.

“I know and she thinks because other people love me and like me that my family shouldn’t have to.” Jessica said confused. “That shit doesn’t matter to a kid, a kid just wants their mother to be proud of them and for their sister to have their back.” She said in tears.

“I’m so sorry I will never force those people on you again.” Kash said as he kissed her hand and wiped away her tears. “Do you want to leave?” he asked.

 “No they done worked my nerves I’m hungry now.” She replied.

Asia Tao and The Essence of the Dragon 11.4

CHAPTER 11: Beast

11.4 Beast : Dragon Quest

“Can I go now?” Giovanni asked annoyed.

“No you cannot.” The woman in the front office said. “Mr. Santos is on his way up here to deal with you.” She said.

“Is that so?” Giovanni asked angrily. “I want to make a formal compliant about him.” He said sternly.

“Oh really?” The woman asked. “What’s your issue?” she asked.

“Mr. Santos is very unprofessional he provoked me by making a very rude comment about my father’s legal situations.” Giovanni said.

“Well when Mr. Santos gets here you and him both can tell your issues to the principal.” The woman told him. “Now be quiet I have to call your father.” She said.

“What for?” Giovanni asked. “I didn’t even do anything.” He said.

“Well I don’t know what you did or didn’t do but Mr. Santos wants me to set up a home visit.” The woman said.

“A home visit?” Giovanni asked angrily. “The man has it out for me I don’t want him at my house.” He exclaimed.

“You don’t really have a choice.”  Mr. Santos said as he walked into the office. “Do you have his father on the phone?” he asked.

“I’m calling him now.” The woman said. “Here its ringing.” She told Mr. Santos as she handed them the phone.

“Thank you.” Mr. Santos said as he grabbed the phone and put it up to his ear. “Yes Hello is this Mr. Yu?” he asked. “I’m Mr. Santos Giovanni’s teacher.” He said. “I have been having some problems with Giovanni in my class and I would like to do a home visit to discuss his behavior with you.” He added.

Giovanni rolled his eyes as he watched Mr. Santos talk to his father. He was annoyed by this whole situation. I didn’t even do anything, he thought. “Problems really?” Giovanni asked as Mr. Santos hung up the phone. “You know that I haven’t done anything.” He said.

“You are disobedient and disrespectful.” Mr. Santos said.

“That’s a lie you just don’t like me.” Giovanni said as he stood up and got in Mr. Santos face.

“Young man sit down right this instance!” the woman at the front desk yelled.

“No don’t tell him anything.” Mr. Santos said as he held his hand up to silence the woman. “Trust me kid you don’t want to cross me.” He said sternly.

Giovanni began to laugh, “I’m not afraid of you.”

“You should be.” Mr. Santos said with an evil grin. “You know I saw what you did.” He whispered.

“Good so you know what I could do to you.” Giovanni said sternly.

“Yeah I got an idea.” Mr. Santos replied. “But isn’t what you know that ends up hurting you its what you don’t and you don’t know what I can I do to you.” He said.

“Mr. Santos and Mr. Yu!” The principal exclaimed as he walked into the front office. “What seems to be the problem here?” he asked baffled and shocked.

Mr. Santos quickly backed away from Giovanni. “Me and Mr. Yu were just laying down some ground rules for my classroom.” He said with a smile.

“I want to be removed from this man’s classroom.” Giovanni exclaimed.

“Do really want to leave your girlfriend in my class all alone?” Mr. Santos asked.

“Was that a threat?” Giovanni exclaimed angrily. “Did you hear him threaten me?” he asked.

“That wasn’t a threat I was just saying.” Mr. Santos said calmly.

“Look I don’t what’s going on between the two of you but it ends right now!” The principal “Whatever the problem is workout it out amongst yourself or I will be forced to reprimand you both.” He told them. “Now get out of my sight with this nonsense.” He said.

Giovanni angrily stormed out of the office with Mr. Santos close behind him. “Bye Giovanni I look forward to seeing you tonight.” Mr. Santos said with an eerie tone as they parted ways.

Codename: Bonnie and Clyde 9.5

Chapter 9: Listen to the Teacher

9.5 Listen to the Teacher: Execution

It was time to go to work again and Daniel had not gotten any sleep. He and Angelica had shared a long night of insatiable passion and he felt as if he had just closed his eyes. Daniel rolled over in the bed and wrapped his arms around Angelica. He kissed her on her neck and smiled as his alarm began to go off. As he slowly reached over her to the nightstand where the alarm clock lay buzzing loudly Angelica opened her eyes. “Good morning.” Daniel said as he turned off the alarm.

“Good morning.” Angelica replied groggily. “Is it already time to go to work?” she asked annoyed.

“Yeah for me it is.” He said as he got out of the bed. “You get to stay home today, remember?” Daniel asked.

“Oh yeah.” She said with a smile as she sat up

“So what are you going to do today?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know yet but I want to be productive.” She replied. “I mean there has to be something I could do like research or something.” She added.

“Okay but you need to be cautious.” Daniel said as he stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth. “Its only a matter of time before Diego’s men realize he’s missing and we don’t know who he told that he was going to kidnap you or what he may have told people about me.” He added.

“Yeah you are right.” Angelica sighed. “Well about Kimura, I could try to find out where he is housing the girls?” she suggested.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea what if someone see’s you snooping around.” He said. “Lets just stick to the original plan, you stay home and I will try to get Kimura to come talk to you.” He told her.

“I’m going to be bored though.” Angelica pouted.

“Watch TV, cook or clean something, you know do something you have never done before.” Daniel said.

“You aren’t funny.” Angelica said annoyed.

“Look you need to be here in case I convince Kimura to come check on you and need to prepare yourself to seduce him.” He said sternly.

“I’m ready, I got this.” Angelica said cockily. “I seduced you last night, didn’t i?” she asked as she got up out bed. Angelica walked over the bathroom and stood in the doorway patiently waiting for an answer.

Daniel laughed, “Is that how you remember things?” “Because I remember seducing you.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. “But you gave a good effort though.” He smiled as he grabbed Angelica by the waist and moved her from the doorway. Daniel went over to the closet and began to search for something to where as Angelica watched angrily. “Come on stop giving me the stink face.” he laughed. “I can feel your eyes boring holes into me.” He added as he turned to face her.

“Lets go again then.” She said.

“I’m going to be late.” Daniel stammered as Angelica dropped her nightgown to the floor. Then she began to walk over to Daniel slowly and seductively. She grabbed the waistband of his boxers then stuck her hand in his underwear as she licked her lips.

“Please daddy.” She whispered as she got on her knees.

“I can be a little late.” He stammered as he swallowed hard.

“No go to work.” She said as she stood up and smiled. “Who can’t seduce somebody?” She said cockily as she turned and got back in bed.

 “See how you always playing.” He said.