Qualities of A Good Person

Galatians 5:22-23

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.


Don’t Worry About The Haters

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The good thing about being talked about though is that people only talk about things that are worth talking about. Word of mouth is the best publicity. Now what you are doing may not always be good or amazing because talk about bad stuff too but that is for you to work out with God not with man. But if you know you are doing something good that God has approved then do not worry about what people have to say about it.




Speak Up

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Where does the hate end? How many people with have to die before we realize we are one body and if you cut off an arm you hurt the body as a whole. Stop thinking that what is happening in the world has nothing to do with you. If you do not stand up today what will knock you down tomorrow? Hate is a problem for everyone. Today its black people tomorrow it could be Latino’s, Japanese, Jews, Native American, Homosexuals, Transgender or Women. Its not like these groups of people have not been discriminated against before. I purposely named groups who have been victimized to illustrate a reoccurring pattern in America.




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Although I do not possess the ability to speak for everyone in speaking for myself, I hope to sway you. I am grateful because when I look around I realize that things could have been a lot worse. Instead of thinking about what you do not have, you should think about what you do have and count your blessings. Someone somewhere is asking God desperately for what you take for granted. No one likes to give to ungrateful children and neither does God, our father. So, if you want more be more grateful.

Playing With Fire

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You cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot have God’s favor and man’s acceptance. Either you will please people or please God. There comes a time in life when you must choose between the past and the future. It is not possible to make it to the future if you keep taking trips to the past.



Are You Ready?

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Timing is essential in life. You can do all the right things but if you do not do them at the right time or in the right time, they can be detrimental. Take for instance baking bread there is a certain amount of time allotted for the kneading and the rising of the dough before you bake it. If you ignore the time restrictions, you run the risk of over kneading making your bread tough or having your bread not rise properly.



Knowledge Is Power

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Google defines knowledge as facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. It is said that knowledge is power. When we forfeit our opportunity to gain knowledge, we forfeit our power. In order to change the future you must become acquainted with the past. You can never know yourself if you do not know where you came from. If you do not know who you are you, leave yourself open to other people’s definition of you.

Stay Down

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Thank God


If you look back over your life I bet you can think of several times God has spared you. When people close to you fell by the wayside, he kept you safe. If you are alive you should thank God. If the people you use to do drugs with lost everything and became strung out, but you made it through you should thank God. If the people you were breaking the law with ended up in prison, but you’re free you should thank God. If you have been in any kind of trouble but you are good now, you should thank God. God didn’t have to save you, but he did.


Things in this world cost and too many times with pay with our souls, because we are doing the wrong things. But salvation is free. There is more to life than searching for the next temporary high. I don’t mean just drugs. I’m talking about anything that makes you feel good for a moment but you live with the shame and guilt for the rest of your life. Shame and guilt are what the devil uses to keep us down. It is what the devil uses to keep us in sin. He wants us to believe we can’t be saved or forgiven. He wants you to keep all your pain bottled up so it can eat away at you. He wants you to think people won’t understand you or that they will judge you. I’m not saying that these things aren’t true but you have to know that only God is a qualified judge.


Stop giving people the bullets to shoot you down. Set yourself free from the chains people put you in. So what you a made a mistake? God Forgives. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by dwelling on the past, accept it and move on because God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. You have been chosen. You could have been dead and gone but God let you live on for a purpose. No matter what people say about you they can’t tear down what God has built up. The only person that can tear you down is you.


When I think back to where I used to be and to what I use to do I marvel at God’s maneuvering. God is the king of the swerve. Just when the devil thinks he has you caught up and you don’t even think you can make it through, God swoops in like a thief in the night and grabs you out of the midst of trouble.  Yes, that could have been you, it probably should have been you but God intervened. That is the meaning of blessed and highly favored, making it through when all odds are against you.


God sent his only begotten son to die for your sins that you might be saved. That alone deserves thanks.



2 Corinthians 4:15

says for all things are for your sakes, that the abundant grace might through the thanksgiving of many redound to the glory of God. God has given so much to us and it’s time we gave back.


Philippians 2:10

says 10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth 11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


Psalm 150:6

say’s 6 Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord. I’m here to tell you to thank him now before its too late. Change your life before its too late. Stop living for people and applause. Starts living for yourself and God because, in reality, that’s all you have. When things get hard people desert you, no one is loyal nowadays but when you have God you have all you need.


© 2015 Aquila Taite


Romans 8:30-31

30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?






Your Productivity For His Glory

1 Corinthians 1:26-31

say’s 26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called: 27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: 29 That no flesh should glory in his presence. 30 But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption: 31 that, according as it is written, He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.


God chooses the weak to do mighty things in order to show his glory. He often picks people who have been faithful with a little to give more too. In my opinion, people who have always had to make it work with little or no resources are more productive than people with limitless resources because they have more to lose if they fail. Don’t be restricted by what you don’t have, make it work with what you got. Let the world know that all things are possible with Christ.


Productivity is the rate of production of new biomass by an individual, population, or community; the fertility or capacity of a given habitat or area. A synonym for productivity is fruitfulness a word often used in the bible. Fruitfulness means to produce offspring or fruit, especially in abundance. God wants you to be successful in your productivity as a Christian because it is evidence of his glory. When you are able to produce in abundance in spite of your circumstances that is the ultimate testimony of his grace and mercy. But in order to reach your full potential, you have to put God first.


Wikipedia describes Productivity as an average measure of the effective use of resources. Effective means to be successful in producing a desired or intended result. Effective also had a second meaning that spoke to me a little more, fulfilling a specified function in fact, though not formally acknowledged as such. The reason why I second like the meaning so much more is that when you insert that meaning of the word effective into the definition of productivity it takes on a whole new meaning. To me, this second meaning says that I can be productive even if I or others don’t acknowledge what I’m doing as being effective. This is a testament to the importance of having blind faith.


Productivity is usually expressed as the ratio of output to inputs used in the production process. The value of outputs minus the value of inputs is a measure of the income generated in a production process. It is a measure of the total efficiency of a production process and as such the objective to be maximized in the production process. Meaning you never want to put more in than you get out. To be productivity you must input less and output more to generate and maximize your fruitfulness. In life, we put so much into the wrong things and our return is often not equal to our work. If you input God into your life everything you output will be effective and abundant. God has to be a part of your dreams and how you use your gifts if you want the ultimate return on your efforts.


Luke 6:38

say’s 38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.

John 15:5

say’s 5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

Take the fashion industry, for instance, designers wanted thin models because of the cost of fabric. It is a fact that you make more money when selling a product if you spend less money when you make it. That means the lower you are in life the greater the visibility of Gods glory when you rise. You can’t be defined by what people see in you. God gave you certain qualities for his glory and not for the amusement of man. God may cherish what people may overlook so have faith in the gifts he has given you.





© 2015 Aquila Taite

Isaiah 48:9-11

For my name’s sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain for thee, that I cut thee not off. 10 Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction. 11 For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my name be polluted? And I will not give my glory unto another.