Shift 5.3


CHAPTER 5: Bloodline

5.3 Outsiders: Outnumbered


“Hey who was that?” Ahote asked as Aoki approached him.


“Some Asshole trying to talk to me.” Aoki replied.


“Are you okay?” he asked.


“Yeah I’m good I told him off.” She said with a grin. “ I don’t need you to protect me.”


“Is that so?” Ahote asked as he grabbed her by the hand and kissed her on the forehead. “Do you two want something to drink?”


“I do.” Kim replied.


Ahote led Aoki, Kim, and Dyami to the bar through the crowds of people. There were young and old people all around the club drinking and dancing. The line at the bar was long and the three bartenders seemed overwhelmed. Ahote could tell that his were getting restless waiting around for a drink.


“Why don’t you guys go out on the dance floor and I will wait for the drinks?” Ahote suggested.


“Are you sure?” Aoki asked.


“Yeah, Dyami take the girls to dance.” He replied.


“Okay.’ Dyami said.


Ahote watched as his friends went out onto the crowded dance floor. He watched as Dyami attempted to dance and he began to chuckle to himself. The line slowly began to move forward as more as more people piled into the club. Ahote was keeping one eye on the dance floor and one eye on the bar. The way Aoki moved to the rhythm of the music enticed him. He was beginning to like her even more and it made him nervous. He did not want to screw things up tonight; he wanted to make a good impression. I definitely need some liquid courage he thought as the line moved a little more.


Kim and Aoki were laughing and dancing when Ahote spotted the asshole from earlier moving towards them. He began to wonder if he should get out of line and go to her rescue but he decided that Dyami could handle it if things got out of hand. It was almost his turn to order and he had been in line for almost thirty minutes so he did not want to have to start this process all over again.


Ahote kept a close eye on Aoki as the mysterious boy walked up to her and grabbed her arm. The boy looked around about their age with blonde hair and seemed to be alone. The boy pulled Aoki close to him and wrapped his arms around her tight restricting her movements. Aoki squirmed and twisted trying to fight him off. Ahote could feel himself getting angry as he got out of line and began to push his way through the club to the dance floor. He could feel himself beginning to shift and he fought to suppress the urge. Before Ahote could reach Aoki, Dyami stepped in and pushed the boy to the ground. Then out of nowhere five more Caucasian boys surrounded them. They were looking for a fight. Little did they know they had found the right ones.


Dyami laughed, “ This isn’t what you want white boy.”


The boy got up from the ground and grinned. “As you can see you are outnumbered.” He said.


“You might want to look again.’ Ahote said as he stepped up and stood next to Dyami.






Shift 5.2


CHAPTER 5: Bloodline

5.2 Outsiders: Not For Long


“Yeah you are right.” Ahote said as he got out of the car and let up the back seat. “We have gotten away with outgoing so far so lets make it a night to remember.” He said.


There was a slight chill in the night air. The stars and the moon lit up the sky and shined down on the ramshackle building. The air had a rustic scent to it vindictive of living in the desert. The music blared from the club causing the ground outside to vibrate. Several drunken people straggled outside of the club making out and throwing up.


Ahote grabbed Aoki’s hand as they made their way to entrance. Ahote took a deep breath as he opened the door to the club. He had never done anything of this nature before. Of course he wasn’t the most responsible teenager but his delinquency was usually in the form of childless pranks and sneaking out of the house to go drinking in the fields. Sneaking into some club was way out of his comfort zone.


A huge man stood at the door in all black. “That will be five for the women and ten for the guys.” He said.


Ahote and Dyami reach in their pockets and each handed the man a twenty. The man then handed the money to a woman who sat behind a cash register who then gave him their change. “We don’t tolerate any nonsense make sure you can handle your liquor.” The man said as he handed them their change.


“I got you.” Ahote said nervously as he put the five-dollar bill in his pocket. Ahote Took Aoki’s hand and walked further inside of the club as Dyami and Kim followed. “You girls want something to drink?” he asked.


“Yeah, hey me and Kim are going to go the bathroom we will meet you at bar.” Aoki said as she grabbed Kim’s hand. “We will both take a beer.” She said as they got lost in crowd.


“Man we have to come again one day and not bring any dates with us.” Dyami said as he glanced around the club. “These girls are wild in here.” He said.


“Yeah but at least it looks like we got the best looking girls in the club.” Ahote said.


“Yeah you’re right but I will give them a little pass on the looks to get a girl too grind on me like the girls are doing in here.” He laughed as they got in line at the bar. “I mean they can’t be ugly be that don’t have to be models either.” He added.


“Ahote looks so good tonight.” Aoki squealed as she and Kim stood in front of the mirrors in the bathroom checking their makeup and clothes. “And it looks like you and Dyami are getting along.” She said.


“Yeah he isn’t so bad.” Kim said as they left the bathroom.


They were on their way to the bar when someone grabbed Aoki’s arm. She turned see a tall muscular Caucasian male with a cocky grin on his face. “What up?” He said. “Are you looking for me?” he asked.


“No I’m here with someone.” Aoki said angrily as she snatched her arm away.


The boy laughed and took a gulp of his drink. “Okay that’s cool but you will be leaving with me.” He said self assuredly.


“In your dreams.” Aoki said annoyed as she rolled her eyes and walked away.






Shift 5.1

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Shift 4.5


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.5 Bloodline: Circle Yes Or No


Ahote grabbed the bottle of vodka from Dyami and took a swig. “Dude now I’m nervous Aoki looks way out of my league right now,” Ahote said.


“Man chill she’s still the same average girl from yesterday she just has more makeup and fewer clothes.” Dyami chuckled.


“How do I look?” Ahote asked as checked his reflection in the mirror.


“You look good, you know for you.” Dyami joked.


“Ha, Ha very funny now get in the backseat,” Ahote said as the girls approached the car.


Dyami got out of the passenger seat of the truck and opened the back door for Kim to get in. “After you.” He said with a smile as Kim slid in the backseat.


“You look beautiful,” Ahote said as Aoki got into the passenger seat of the truck and shut the door.


“Thank you,” Aoki replied as she began to blush.


“Yeah you two look amazing,” Dyami said chiming in as he got in the truck and shut the door. “I brought some vodka if you two want to drink.” He added.


“I don’t know,” Aoki said nervously. “I never have drunk alcohol before.” She added.


“Its cool I even brought cranberry juice to mix it with,” Dyami said. “You will not even be able to taste the liquor, I promise.” He added.


“Kim, what do you think?” Aoki asked.


“I could drink,” Kim replied nonchalantly.


“Okay I guess but give me just a little bit of vodka and a lot of juice,” Aoki said.


“Yeah I’ll take the same thing,” Kim said as Dyami began to make their drinks.


Ahote started up the truck and slowly pulled away from Aoki’s house. As they made their way out of the reservation, he turned on the radio to fill the empty, awkward air. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Dyami handed Aoki her drink. He smiled as she took a sip and made a disgusted face. “How does it taste?” He asked with a grin.


“Not good.” She laughed as she sat the cup in the cup holder.


“Yeah I’m not a drinker either I only drank because I was nervous about tonight,” Ahote said.


“Nervous?” Aoki asked shocked. “What do you have to be nervous about?” she asked.


“Are you kidding?” Ahote asked as he looked over at Aoki. “Have you seen you?” he asked as Dyami and Kim whispered amongst them in the backseat. Aoki smiled and lowered her head. “I’m serious you could have any guy you want, but you are here with me even after the whole Chenoa thing.” He said. “I happy you gave me another chance.” He added.


“Me too.” She replied as Ahote held her hand.


“Hey can you two lovebirds in the front seat turn up the radio, I like this song,” Dyami said.


Ahote let go of Aoki’s hand and turned up the radio as he looked in the rearview mirror to the backseat where Dyami and Kim were kissing passionately. I guess Dyami was right about how girls get friendlier after a few drinks, he thought. “Well, they look like they are getting along much better.” He said as he grabbed Aoki’s hand. Aoki glanced into the backseat of the truck and began to chuckle.


“I knew she liked him,” Aoki whispered to Ahote.


“What about you, who do you like?” Ahote asked as he squeezed her hand.


“I’ve got my eye on this cute Chief in training, but I’m waiting to see how our first date goes before I commit to anything.” She replied with a smile.





Shift 4.4


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.4 Bloodline: If You Can’t Beat Them


“I really don’t like that kid, and I know that would burst his bubble if he saw Chenoa getting all jealous of you and Aoki,” Dyami said. “He needs to be taken down a peg.” He said.


“I agree but do you think becoming his friend would make Chenoa think I’m over her?” Ahote asked.


“Yes that and making tonight memorable for Aoki so that she tells everyone and makes all the other girls jealous,” Dyami replied.


“How exactly do I do that?” Ahote asked confused. “I don’t think getting her drunk and taking her clubbing will make for some unforgettable memories that will have everyone jealous.” He said.


“Okay well, what do you think we should do then?’ Dyami asked. “Dinner and a movie?” he laughed.


“No, but we have to do something more romantic than going to a club.” He said. “And something more exciting than going to a restaurant and a movie we have to meet in the middle.” He added.


“Okay well, you think about that while I go get some ice so I can get tipsy.’ Dyami said. “Do you want me to get you a cup or what?” Dyami asked as he got out of the car.


“Nah man I’m good,” Ahote said. “Hurry up.” He added as Dyami went into the community center.


Ahote began to think of what else they could do in town that would impress not only Aoki but also make every girl she told jealously. Ahote started to get antsy as he waited for Dyami to get ice. He wanted to hurry up and get into town before they got caught behind Dyami’s antics. He did not want to ruin his one good chance at impressing Aoki before it even began. He was afraid that someone would see him and Dyami then tell his grandfather because no one on the reservation could help but gossip.


“Hey man, open the door,” Dyami said as he came back to the truck with four cups of ice.


Ahote leaned over and opened the passenger side door for Dyami to get in. “I told you not to get me a cup; I’m not drinking,” Ahote said as he saw how many cups Dyami had.


“I know both of these cups are for me.” He said. “Now come let’s go get the girls I’m ready to turn up.” He added with a grin.


Ahote cranked up the truck and drove over to Aoki’s house. “Should I go door to the door?” Ahote asked as he parked in front of her house.


“I wouldn’t parents like to ask questions, and you are a horrible liar so I was you I would text her,” Dyami said as he poured vodka into his cup. “Hey tell her to bring out some juice for the vodka.” He added.


“Okay,” Ahote said as texted Aoki.


“You look, nervous dude, have a drink and loosen up,” Dyami said as he began to pour Ahote a cup of Vodka.


“That’s enough.” He said as he took the cup a gulped down the Vodka.


“Oh man look I think that’s them coming from the backyard,” Dyami said excitedly. “Wow, I have never seen them dress like that.” He said.


“Yeah they look hot,” Ahote said in shock as he watched Aoki and Kim make their way to the truck. “I think I need another drink.” He added.





Shift 4.3


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.3 Bloodline: Blame It On The Goose


“Seriously?” Aoki asked. “You want to go to a club?” she asked.


“Um yeah, that’s if you want to.” Ahote stammered nervously.


“Yeah I want to,” Aoki said excitedly.


“Okay, well I will see you in a few minutes I’m on the way to pick up Dyami now.” He said.


“Okay bye,” Aoki said as she hung up the phone.


Ahote swallowed hard as he put his phone back into his pocket. Ahote could not believe he had just agreed to go to a club when he and his friends were severely underage. Hopefully, Dyami is wrong, and the club does check IDs, he thought as he got into his grandfathers truck and started it up. Ahote wanted to impress Aoki, but he didn’t want to have to get grounded for life to do it. Ahote had a strong feeling that tonight’s events would somehow go wrong, but his teenage hormones overpowered all common sense.


As Ahote pulled up to Dyami’s house, he began to feel a knot form in his throat. He wanted to turn the truck around and go back home, but before he could, Dyami came running outside to the car. “Dude look what I got.” He said as he opened the door and got in. Dyami was holding a bottle of vodka and a carton of cranberry juice in his hands.


“Dude are you fucking crazy where did you get that?” Ahote asked shocked.


“Chill it’s my moms she won’t even miss it.” He replied.


“Don’t you think we are doing enough tonight already,” Ahote said. “I mean we already sneaking into a club.” He added.


“Wait you decided to go to the club?” Dyami asked excitedly.


“Yeah, I had to Aoki laughed at the dinner and a movie idea.” Ahote sighed. “When I mentioned it, I was only joking, but then she said yes.” He said. “I want to impress her, but I have a bad feeling about this if we get caught my grandfather will never trust me again.” He added.


“We aren’t going to get caught,” Dyami said. “Now let’s go get some cups and ice so we can drink this.” Dyami grinned.


“I’m driving,” Ahote said. “And where do you suppose we get cups and ice from?” he asked annoyed.


“The community center,” Dyami said.


“Okay.” Ahote sighed as he started the truck and began to drive towards the community center.


“Trust me you will thank me once Aoki has had a drink or two, and her inhibitions lower.” Dyami smiled as they pulled up to the community center.


“Dude you are disgusting, and you wonder why none of the parents like you,” Ahote said as he turned the car off.


“I’m just saying you will get a lot cuter to her once she’s had a drink.” He said.


“I’m not worried about that, but hey maybe that will work for you and Kim.” Ahote smiled.


“You got jokes,” Dyami said annoyed as Ahote burst into laughter. “Hey dude look isn’t that Zachary over there?” he asked.


“Where?” Ahote asked as he began to look around.


“Over there walking from Chenoa’s house,” Dyami said as he pointed him out. “You should try and be friends with the guy.” He suggested.


“Why on earth would I do that?” Ahote asked.


“Because when you find someone else that means you moved on but when to befriend her new man that means you are over her,” Dyami said.


“But I’m not over her,” Ahote said.


“No shit but it she if ever had any feelings for you it will bother her for you not care about her anymore,” Dyami said.


“Why do you only use your powers for evil?” Ahote joked.




Shift 4.2


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.2 Bloodline: Peer Pressure


“Okay, I’ll call them,” Ahote said.


“What are we going to do when we get into town?” Dyami asked.


“I thought that we would go see a movie,” Ahote replied.


“Aw man, that sounds boring.” Dyami said. “Do you want to impress the girl or bore her to death?” he asked.


“Well, what do you have in mind?” Ahote asked.


“There’s this club in town that doesn’t check ID we should go there,” Dyami suggested.


“Um I don’t know I’m trying to stay out of trouble,” Ahote said nervously.


“Dude come on.” Dyami pleaded.


“I’ll think about it,” Ahote said. “And be ready I’ll be at your house in thirty minutes.” He said as he hung up. Ahote sat down in the rocking chair on the porch and started to dial Aoki’s number. He began to get nervous as the phone rung.


“Hello?” Aoki answered.


“Hey, Aoki it’s me Ahote.” He replied. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight my grandfather let me borrow his truck to go into town?” he asked.


“Me and you?” she asked.


“Well Dyami wanted you to ask Kim to join us and make it a double date type thing,” Ahote said.


“You know she doesn’t like him, right?” Aoki asked.


“Yeah, I heard.” Ahote laughed. “But its boring and there is nothing else to do so I’m sure you can convince her,” Ahote said.


“Okay I’ll try, but I’m down even if she doesn’t want to go,” Aoki said.


“Okay I’ll see you in like forty-five minutes then,” Ahote said.


“Make it an hour,” Aoki said.


“Okay,” Ahote said with a massive grin on his face as he hung up the phone.


Ahote went back into the house and finished clearing the table. He was so excited that he began to sing and dance as he washed the dishes. Ahote had never been on what he considered a real date before. All his appointments stayed confined to the reservation this was the first time he would go pick up a girl in a car and go somewhere. He just hoped that Dyami would not ruin the opening date for him by being his usual annoying self. Ahote needed Dyami not to annoy Kim long enough for him to convince Aoki that he was serious about being her boyfriend.


After Ahote had washed all the dishes and put them away, he went into his room to find something to wear. He began to yank clothing from his closet and throw them onto his bed. Ahote couldn’t decide if should look cool or sophisticated all he knew was that he wanted to impress Aoki. When he finally chose something to wear it was a mix of the two opposite ends of the spectrums. “Cool and sophisticated.” He said as he looked down at the outfit lying on his bed. “Now to the shower.” He said with a smile as he went into the bathroom.


Ahote turned on the shower then took his long black hair and put it into a bun on the top of his head. He stepped into the warm water it poured down over his chiseled body. All Ahote could think about at this moment was Aoki; it was as if Chenoa did not even exist. He wasn’t sure, but he felt that their afternoon romp in the pool was to blame for the occupancy she now held in his mind. Ahote showered and got dressed as quickly as he could because he could not wait to see her again.


As he was heading out the door to pick up Dyami his phone rang. “Hello?” he answered.


“Hey Ahote you can tell Dyami that Kim is coming,” Aoki said.


“Okay cool,” Ahote said.


“So where exactly are we going so I know how to dress?” Aoki asked.


“Um, I’m not quite sure yet.” Ahote stammered.


“Okay but I hope we are doing something more exciting than seeing a movie.” She said.


“Well I thought we would go to this club in town that doesn’t check ID’s but I didn’t know if you were to nice for something like that.” Ahote joked.




Shift 4.1


CHAPTER 4: Bloodline

4.1 Bloodline: HardHead


Ahote and his grandfather hadn’t even finished dinner before Dyami was blowing up his phone with numerous texts. Ahote discreetly reached into his pocket and turned his off as he listened to his grandfather speak.


“Don’t stay out too late the new tribe members will be there bright and early.” His grandfather said. “You need to start taking on more responsibility as future chief of this tribe so we will start with making you the head of the welcoming committee for the new members.” He said.


“Yes sir,” Ahote said.


“Stay out of trouble and make sure you do the dishes before you leave.” His grandfather told him. “This old man is going to retire to his room now.” He added as he got up from the table and went to his room.


“Goodnight,” Ahote said.


As soon as his grandfather had gone into his room and shut the door, Ahote turned his phone back on. His phone immediately began to receive several text messages. Ahote shook his head angrily as he dialed Dyami’s number and went outside onto the porch to talk.


“Hey, dude where you been I have been texting you?” Dyami said as he answered the phone.


“I was eating dinner with my grandfather,” Ahote whispered angrily through clenched teeth. “I had to turn my phone you because were texting so much.” He said.


“Okay, my bad for disturbing your dinner but I just wanted to know what you decided to do,” Dyami said.


“Well I didn’t want to take the car, so I asked my grandfather could I borrow it,” Ahote said.


“What, man no!” Dyami exclaimed. “He thinks that you are irresponsible and childish.” He said.


“No, he thinks that you are irresponsible and childish and shut up because he said yes,” Ahote told him.


“Really?” Dyami asked shocked. “What are you waiting for, call the girls and come pick me up.” He said.


“Um, there’s one little catch.” Ahote stammered. “I had to promise him something to get the car.” He said.


“What, what is it?” Dyami asked confused.


“He made me promise not to take you with me,” Ahote replied.


“Dude are you serious, why doesn’t your grandfather like me?” he asked.


“Because you are irresponsible, childish and a bad influence we just went over this,” Ahote explained.


“But come, man you aren’t going to listen to him, you are going to come get me right?” Dyami asked.


Ahote thought about it for a second. He didn’t want to disobey his grandfather, but Dyami was his boy. Ahote knew he was part of the reason that Dyami had a reputation. Dyami would always take the blame for everything even blame meant for Ahote.


“Man you know I’m coming to get you,” Ahote said. “I have to do the dishes and get dressed.” He said.


“Hey you call the girls I don’t think Kim likes me that much,” Dyami said.


“What makes you think that?” Ahote laughed.


“Because she told me she doesn’t like me that much,” Dyami replied.




Shift 3.5


CHAPTER 3: Puppy Love

3.5 Puppy Love: Lone Wolf


Ahote was afraid and excited by his grandfather’s news. The history between the Caucasian and Native American people was infamous. Ahote knew that a lot of people in the tribe would not be happy about this new addition but he believed in his grandfather’s wisdom. It was Ahote’s great-great-grandfather’s idea to open up the reservation to other cultures besides the Native Americans that made the tribe what it was today. Ahote knew that his grandfather’s decision would take some getting use to but he knew that in the end it would only help the tribe progress.


Ahote got from the rocking chair he was sitting in on the porch and went into the house. The tantalizing smell of chicken, succotash and cornbread filled his nostrils as he stepped through the front door. “Grandfather it smells delicious in here.” He said. “I’m so hungry.” He said as he sat at the kitchen table.


“So what did you and Dyami do today?” Namid asked as he sat the food down on the table and sat down.


“Nothing much after I got in a fight with Zachary we went swimming with Aoki and Kim.” He replied as he started to pile his plate with food.


“Aoki?” Namid asked. “Didn’t you her have a thing before Chenoa moved here?” he asked as he grabbed a chicken wing and a slice of cornbread and put it on his plate.


“Sort of.” Ahote mumbled.


“So then you have moved on?” Namid asked.


“I mean I guess I have.” Ahote said. “I think Aoki is cool.” He said.


“Well you better be sure a teenage girl’s heart is nothing to play with.” Namid said.


“Oh I know Aoki informed me of that much.” Ahote said. “She already told me that I have to prove I’m over Chenoa and that I really like her before she will talk to me.” He added.


Namid began to chuckle. “That one has always had some spunk.” He said. “You are definitely going to have your hands full with that one she doesn’t play around.” He told him.


“Yeah do you think you can give me some tips on how to prove to a girl that you like me and are not just trying to make another girl jealous?” Ahote asked.


“Why don’t you just ask her.” He suggested.


“You know girls are they want to read their mind and figure it out if I come right out and ask her she will get mad.” Ahote explained.


“Don’t ask her what to do ask her what she likes.” Namid stated.


“Yeah that might work.” Ahote said as he took a bite of his chicken leg. “Hey grandfather do you think I can borrow the truck tonight to take Aoki into town?” He asked nervously.


“Where exactly are you trying to go?” Namid asked.


“To see a movie or something.” He replied.


“Will it just be you and her?” Namid asked.


Ahote careful thought of how he would answer his grandfather’s question. “Yes.” He said nervously.


“Okay because I don’t want you going into town with Dyami.” Namid said sternly. “When you two get together you act like idiots.” He said. “As long as you promise that it will be just you and Aoki you can borrow it.” He told Ahote.


“I promise.” Ahote replied.



Shift 3.4


CHAPTER 3: Puppy Love

3.4 Puppy Love: New Addition


“Well good luck with that,” Dyami said as he and Ahote walked towards Ahote’s house. “This is why I’m single girls want too much.” He added.


“Is that the reason you are going to go with?” Ahote asked jokingly.


“Shut up,” Dyami said annoyed.


Ahote began to laugh, “Come on man I’m just joking don’t take it personally.”


“Oh, I’m not I ain’t worried about no haters as long as these women love me.” Dyami grinned as he shoved Ahote playfully. “So what are you doing after dinner?” Dyami asked.


“I don’t know I guess I’ll be devising a plan to convince Aoki that I like her and I’m not trying to make Chenoa jealous,” Ahote replied.


“Sounds boring,” Dyami said.


“Well, there isn’t much to do,” Ahote said.


“Ask your grandfather car we borrow the truck to go into town,” Dyami said.


“You know how he feels about us going into town alone at night,” Ahote said.


“I know, but that’s when all the fun stuff happens,” Dyami explained.


“Well, my grandfather couldn’t care less if we have fun or not,” Ahote said.


“Okay then don’t ask borrow when he goes to sleep.” Dyami grinned.


“Are you insane?” Ahote asked shocked. “He already doesn’t trust me and if I take his truck without asking he never will.” He said. “You know he is always yelling at us about being irresponsible and saying I’m not ready to be chief,” Ahote said as he began to get worked up.


“Dude calm down it was just a suggestion,” Dyami said. “But you know if we invite Aoki and Kim along it would prove to her that really like her, I mean you have never done anything like this for Chenoa.” He said. Ahote began to ponder the idea. “Good idea huh?” Dyami asked.


“Yes if we get away with it but if we don’t.” Ahote started.


“But we will.” Dyami interrupted him.


Ahote sighed, “I don’t know I have to think about it.”


“Okay cool, I’ll call you after dinner,” Dyami said as they parted ways.


Ahote walked up onto his porch and sat down. He was deep in thought about what Dyami had proposed when his grandfather came out onto the porch. “Ahote.” He said.


“Yes grandfather,” Ahote replied startled.


“You are jumpy,” Namid said as he sat down next to Ahote.


“I didn’t see you were standing there,” Ahote said.


“I guess things didn’t go too well with Chenoa I heard about your fight with Zachary,” Namid said.


“No, she chose him over me.” Ahote sighed.


“Don’t worry the river always flows back to the ocean.” Namid smiled.


“Well this ocean is no longer chasing waterfalls, and it’s checking out new rivers,” Ahote said.


“I’m not familiar with that analogy,” Namid replied confused. “But I just came out here to inform him that a new family is coming tomorrow and they will be our first Caucasian family to join the tribe.” He said.


“I didn’t know they could shift,” Ahote said confused.


“I had always heard legends when I was a boy, but now as a man, I have seen it with my own eyes,” Namid said.


“And the council agreed to this addition?” Ahote asked shocked.


“No, but I used my veto power, it’s a new day and its time for a change,” Namid said with a smile. “And dinners ready.” He added as he got up and went back inside.